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December 22, 2012

END OF THE WORLD from ” The Tear Of Angel “, by translator, whatever it is

22 Dec

Section entitled “End of the World”
Now he was relieved when he stopped shivering when he met with the angels on the physical and assorted levels. He wondered whether he now enjoys more because it can describe and recount some of the selfish life brought to the limit only and primarily for friends and for friends, and the Angels. He could have been a dangerous mistake, but immediately gave all she remembered, he showed all the possible ways he does, thinks, feels and expects. He was able to find this same coolness that now exists about Javor, but not in it. He knew all sorts of reasons, and cold. And he knew that nothing works in vain in front of friends.
But whether he was still selfish because he suspected, and he knew more than guess what will happen, he knew he would write and wrote, and wrote, and still was not satisfied. How is it selfish, do everything, and I have a friend who is the Lord God and dearest man, angels have to serve only as a material for writing? Yes, just to be able to take advantage of Maple mali your gift of writing to proclaiming the Good News, which is Love. And love is formed between the two in God and in no other way can not be, can not be classical human love that saying because the media and neighbors that love is respect, but not absolute commitment. Such commitment has only God the Father and his son, but two ordinary people can share with each other and humans, if they decide to do this as the first task in life, the first thing early in the morning.
Only it is necessary to set up in the first place of Christ himself, no matter how little knew ga. He will render profusely. 22.12.2012. Saturday, 2:38 am


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