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At St Stephen’s

December 26, 2012

I Wish You A Merry Forgiveness

25 Dec

Spirit creates REDEEMER human sins. Pastors have no idea what will be the born King of angels, they are interpreted. Three Kings, from all over the world, the Three Wise Men largest existing, know a little better: donate to, bear gifts, have long sought the King Savior, my whole life. They know that their Savior is not a miracle, but a necessity.
Savior act immediately upon the Incarnation. On his arrival at the world begin human suffering, persecution of innocents, flight into Egypt, and so on until the Cross to the Resurrection. The first thing we are celebrating after Christmas is a sacrifice, a lecture and suffering, if need be, and works for Child. Who loves him, can hurt. But he who loves being saved. Love and devotion for God’s Spirit alone can grow a human being, to be spiritually and become a ghost, with the body of this world or not, it’s less important, even though we tend to focus only on the body, only to be seen.
We will rise again, but do not know whether for good or evil, whether in the spiritual or secular, and only human.
I believe in the Catholic Church, I was born the Savior to be his spiritual son, even though I was constantly in sin and always regret not seeing all that sin is real in the Spirit. But I know that I’m wrong because I’m not all spiritual, because I’m not mature, because I am not yet fully spirit.
Yet I am more spiritual than before. From when I was born as a spiritual son of my Savior until now, less to keep Christmas decorations up giving up folk customs. Gift giving us tugged at the wrong time because we give material gifts, we congratulate ourselves God. Not the point of being just a happy, joyful and honorable, honest. The point is to learn about the opposite of that, we presvjetovni and to counsel him who is not of the world, which is the spirit while we are not because we are sinful, only in this case, when you actually see it, or imitate Child, we know that we are mortal, and We are mortal, and only because we are sinful.
We need to strive to be the Christmas spirit. We must strive to be what the work that Christ expects from us, do not say you do not have to be physical. No gifts will redeem us, we will redeem gifts. We will not be bought or what we call good works because we have secular views on good deeds and worldly good deeds are generally not the spirit. More human being can achieve if you remember to tell someone for Christmas, there’s always this: “Sorry.” 0:36 am

(“The Tear Of Angel”)



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