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Meeting Evil

December 28, 2012
Meeting Evil
28 Dec

Meeting Evil


Anything paper suffers. The worst is when I’m looking like yourself witless. He would not say, oh, never mind. It was his father’s custom and led to disaster. Like when you say you’re all destroyed, but about forcing just think, Slim, give thought of himself, he was his father’s advice. Yes, Slim, give thought as I do, because otherwise I would have lost sanity. So yes, the thinking seems to be the mental courage and mental. Swallowed the last drop of juice from the lozenges and took a drag off the roll. Escape, it is an escape and a real loss of common sense, but sooner or later awaits avalanche expelled conscious and subconscious knowledge and fears that stušti the soul and mind. In addition, one father said Javor to be afraid. And it was a good reason to not let him he thinks and does not think. Maple had then fifteen years old, and frankly, he did not understand why the father of color. Now he knows that he is afraid for himself, that he is afraid of the truth that he is afraid of himself. And he could be so cruel, mentally, mostly unorganized, up to Javor could happen. So it is now and you disrupt it in his head that his story is very, very wrong. He was losing confidence. Remember the meeting with his father since Christmas Eve. Yes, my father had a break again. I managed to subconsciously and consciously disrupt maple somehow barely a scrappy balance, Maple felt the consequences, right now while thinking about the unsuccessful story. He is not the first article that was pointless worded. Neither mental impairment does not excuse because those were ecstasy and loss of control over the writing, or the stream of consciousness. Disturbed mental and emotional balance, yes, but not a permanent mental damage. Permanent mental damage is Javorova semiconsciousness of evil. The evil that you can not imagine and understand. This was in relation to the father maple. They did not care so much what he has done as much awareness and curiosity about evil, of the amount of an evil abomination. It was unheard of, it was the evil spirit, it was a monster, but a monster frightened. That’s what makes the fear of man. 28.12.2012. Friday, 22: 33 “The Tear Of Angel”, page 87


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