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The Stone Of Rome

December 28, 2012
The toga was the characteristic garment of the...

The toga was the characteristic garment of the Roman citizen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Jesus came to Rome?


There was a Roman citizen, called Paul, who was very wise and educated. You can say that he knew all about the rule of law. He knew exactly what’s right and what was against the law. He was honest to the limit.

His mind was full of scientific facts. He knew the languages and cultures, history and philosophy. He was so occupied with abstraction that we could say today that he is a sort of GPS. He knew every detail  why he thinks what he thinks, every purpose of every detail. He probably felt powerful.

He knew how to ride a horse. He knew how to lead and to love horses. Once he was running to catch a political enemy, riding his horse, planning how he will find him, looking at him in his mind…suddenly he saw him very clearly, heard him speak…and he lost the connection with the reins and the horse. When he was falling, it happened because he broke the sight: all facts he ever knew compiled in just one fact: Righteousness  Himself.

Paul was in shock because of knowledge and light. He was an enemy of God and became the convert, as honest as he was always.

He dedicated his life to Jesus and Rome condemned him.

But he gave freedom to his slave. And he was not the only one who did it. A lot of free people made a stone house in the city of Rome.

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