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A Drama

December 30, 2012

Getting to be mouthed, actor must have a baritone from the fifth, it must therefore be that, because the initial question must interrupt any flow of thought and routine. It probably would have been a scene where actor agitated and all messy RUNS before spectators and suddenly stops and speaks a short but very eloquent text. The viewer stares at him, projecting neck, slightly bent, arms hanging vertically on the floor. According to the floor would be the hands and body in the right corner. Shock and concentration. What would the text. So something like a bolt from the blue, as “Psychosis died a violent death … she’s dead!”
Then the viewer paragrafirao, and the actor would repeat: “It is indeed dead, totally!” Then the mime stood up, turned around and touched his forehead with the palm, fingers upward as to rub the eye. Actor he looked thoughtfully audiences or slightly upward, and the choir would UMKA little louder, but evenly while the tam tam gave rhythm. Actor would enthusiastically spoke: “I see you, the sky …” (female choir singing in the distance Dom from Miroslav scores: Here I am, my blue sky, you’re in my heart. Was coming I did not long ago, where the home), the actor continues: ” I see you, the sky, as you come and gently downhill and spreads the … “, the actor slowly raises and spreads his arms and pauses while the song is heard quietly. At the same time, the mime actor looked at more closely, yen shook his head and turns and goes to the end of the scene in the semi-darkness, and in darkness because it is all in the twilight, and the main actor is reflektoriran to the waist, above it is lit up part of the background in which the tone masters, but they sat down and the light does not shine directly nor pantomime. Transitions of light and shadow are as gentle and smooth, quiet, nostalgic music. The actor pauses, as we said, stumbled in a little hand to chest height and changes in tension and excitement saying, “when you just would not have been for that bare oak tree in front of me …” and let the masters tone ending song “Stairway to Heaven” – Deep Purple. It is a bit deserted, and then followed by the text again until they hear purples. The actor tells something as intense and full of bitter repressed anger that comes from painstakingly him: “Oh, you big, black tree, dead tree of life, and camis ujedaš … you do not have branches, darkening deep and deserted … abandoned. You stand dry and on fire from the inside, standing coal dust … why kinjiš me again when you’re dead, so inanimate and naked … “Purples are rapidly and interrupt, tam tam odbubnja burst in one to two bars, ending with a strong kick. Resulting silence, the light gently disperses and evens are visible in the background tone masters, supporting actor standing nearby, arms crossed and legs spread slightly and looking calmly at the main actor who is slowly turning back to the audience, a step, he bowed his head, and the male chorus speaks out (it’s a choir of several baritone), “said the fox rabbit, let him come to lunch,” speak two, and three answers: “It’s not a rabbit than gender”, while the female chorus mali polusoprana or higher alta, monotonous praying Live Hail . Pantomime takes the chair and approaches the main actor, who was in his profile, his back to the audience, and adjusts the chair and put his hand on the back as if about to sit down. The main actor found him in motion because he saw approaching and talking akimbo mimes: “Yes, it’s totally dead, I saw her.” Choir stops praying, a mime sits half on the chair and pulled out a cigar from a box in the meantime pulled out of pocket. The main actor spoke: “I know for the fact that I see the sky, and I have not seen him before, it was just black.” Mimes as pali cigarette and offers one of the two lit cigarettes main actor, who accepts. “It’s all right, I got out of the morgue because I need fresh air …”. Male chorus continues: “He was an educationally neglected. I found him on the road and brought to you in a castle. ” Tom tom starts to race, actors smoke and little light is concentrated in the middle of the stage. Lead actor suddenly knelt and clasped his belly, holding a cigarette between his fingers normally. Male chorus commenting while pounding tom tom, bass and some blues begins: “Mentally handicapped are entitled to purchase the prepared chicken, although they have money for cigarettes …”. Intrusion female chorus asking the same as before. Tam tam persistently pounding and bass whine. Mime leans his hands on his knees and holding a cigarette, watching the actor who bowed her head up and looked him in the eye, and suddenly stood up and turned toward the audience, holding a cigarette and looking a bit worse. Tom tom, bass and women are heard, mime looking in the back and the profile is still the main actor, the tone masters calmly sitting at the counter, and the light is concentrated close to the actor to dogs singing, “Here I am … my sky blue … You’re my heart … “, again leading actor spreads his arms, and the background was silent, and bass, and tam tam, and prayer, and the actor continues to sing fluently after he pulled the cigarette smoke and snorted:” He came a long time ago … I did not, “and and opens the raspjeva fluently and loudly: “Where is home, where is home. Here I am, my sky …. etc “, the actor sings, lighting is expanding, mime gets up, takes the chair with a cigarette in the background goes to the edge of the stage where the women and the men’s choir on the left side behind the main actor.

Male chorus tells the actors that listens to them: “You will receive medication and therapy we carry out,” and the actor is turning into the same frame, the third time, the audience looks a little worse. Speaks in silence and hear the prayer of a woman, “Here you go, these dry, dry, deep red and dead wood, old, ancient oak, you will not be for long. I will not, but neither will you. “Choir responds:” You can go to the fresh air and come back to therapy. ” Actor walks slowly toward women who pray, and from their direction comes listener and actor tells him: “I was again going to the morgue,” women pray, the men repeated: “He was going to come again and again and will come less frequently, but will be regular guest at our headquarters and we will give him a new life. “Listener stops near the actor and he shrugs and turns his palms toward the actor. “Come on, let’s go for a coffee, come to life, the fresh air, I got a fortune. Come on, I’ll buy. “Women are silent, men say,” It’s time, come, come again, you’ve fortune. Come and get your new life, from now on will be easier and easier even though you had a thorny path. “Actor audience:” Ah, there you are, a beautiful old oak tree, my homeland, look how beautiful blue sky above your black trunk, “that women are beginning to pray again, the actor continued:” I have sinned, Father, and I hate to confess their sins and now again going to the morgue. “He turns toward the listener, which in the meantime, went a bit and come back with a chair and lights a cigarette while men speak, and women are silent,” Go now to coffee, go through all the old oak trees you encounter so the same way again go back and visit us regularly. ”
Actor kneel in front of the listener who is sitting in a chair and is about to pull out a cigarette. All of a sudden stop in movement, and heard the Beethoven Ninth (do not know which part, Ode to Joy for sure).
The actor and the listener is lifted and placed by hand on one shoulder while the right-wing handlers.

Beethoven stops, starts tam tam uniform here, and whine when the actors move away. Main goes slightly to the right to see the audience and the choir of men and the listener folded her hands and knelt in front of women who are silent. The actor looks at the audience and the male chorus, and again at the audience, it’s quiet in the element, tam tam is muted, but keeps the rhythm, all by quietly. The actor says, “And where is the oak? … Is it my morgue, look how clear and blue … “. Actor turns back the choir, the music mutes and stops, and the actor is turning and approaching the audience and sings: “Here I am, my sky blue …” suddenly starts Gloria in Excelsis Deo, and loud, the lights are switched on, the actor sings and everybody seemed to something humming coming to an actor, besides the bow a little more deeply at attention while the Gloria is sung. The curtain falls., And the music is heard.

The end
“DEATH Psychosis” by Gordana Tomljanovic, 29.12.2012., Sunday, 2:45, 30.12.2012.


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