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Angels Messages

December 31, 2012

Angels Messages

31 Dec

From Lettersdotcom


She celebrated their Advent, remarked Witness suddenly, more – Triduum before the big night – their anniversary. Thank God it’s truer than you could hope for.

She was so far away and so close, as he’d known. It’s that one person in this world would be inconsistent with it, that he saw the miracle of God in his eyes, the miracle of love and a celebration of diversity, unity, which is the most famous anticipate a possible encounter, meet all the people in the one God.

It was the first time that a concrete sees salvation of the world.


She heard again his will. Very clearly. Repents because  she couldn’t find the power in herself to go and to spent a few minutes in the Temple. The cold was too bad and her mind was so dizzy. She came in front of the building and couldn’t came in, she needed fresh air.


That evening, in a sort of spiritual fever, Showgirl lost the clue of what is she doing, but she was playing with him, like  the time came back. But this was something new, she could feel like she know much, much more and she didn’t know what it was. I hope I will know everything in time, maybe I finally have deserved to get closer to Holy Spirit.

She noticed that she has some priorities in celebrating. She has her own religious calendar. It looked like a sin, to have that, but she didn’t find in the conscious any reason to feel bad. And isn’t that inability the sign? The sign that she simply has to do what does she mean she has to do.





Maple carried away blogging. I lost the thread. He did not know what I thought before. When he began to write, will come to new thoughts and ideas, so he could not put together a sentence. He decides to get his bearings when he bronchi to leave and write a journal, no matter what is decided and what is not. Blog post easily, had a first fix their thoughts and insights to wait. He was grateful for the inspiration, and the angel of God, and, as usual, all the commotion and did not know which would be put down. He got so much New Year’s message that really has not had a coherent message to the blog.
Is this the end of the glorious years of talking … so absurd?
December, 31.2012. Monday, 1:57 am




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