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Not Joking

January 3, 2013
Joke Board.

Joke Board. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not Joking


You can not invent a story if you do not write the novel flow of consciousness all the time. Than you catch a thought and can write about it and elaborate a topic.

Don’t understand how writers make a story if not do so.

The same is with jokes. They arise from the conversation.

When people talk much about the politics, jokes arise and circling around.

It happened that I had to ask a favor from the handy man.

The State asked from us to show the bills because of that new taxes. But if I ask from the handy man to pay the taxes, he will never help me again, isn’t it logical? And who will help me, my ex husband?  A bank?  A State?  No, they won’t. And if some want to buy what I’ve done, they will say that the things, which handy man did perfectly, are not worth much.

So, take a credit if you want and pay it. If you have an income, pay the taxes. So ideal  State functions.

But if you need something, ask a neighbor.

December, 03.2013.  7:11 am


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