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If You See Me Normal

January 4, 2013

If You See Me Normal


If I do something unexpectable,

Be sure that my blood pressure

Has come to the limit.

Because , I am one who’s very able

For selfcontrol and I measure

When to not and when to beat it.


If I do something very gentle

And if I’m peaceful and quiet,

Just let me be.

Do not tease me, my mental

Disorder, or my diet,

Just set me free.


If I walk very straight and normal,

Call the ambulance,

It must be something wrong.

Because normal is abnormal,

There is not a chance

For me to loose my pure tone.

Jan,04.Friday 2013. 9:13 am

Blood pressure (systolic) and pulse rate durin...

Blood pressure (systolic) and pulse rate during a normal response to Valsalva’s maneuver. Forty millimeter mercury pressure is applied at 5 seconds and relieved at 20 seconds. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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