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Greetings From Cro Society

January 12, 2013

“Deviation” and the Bible
The Bible contains within itself the law, but by itself it is not a rule or law of which would have generated any remedy. The Bible is a love letter, and when someone gets a love letter, not trying to be “free” but at least razniježi. If it causes a love letter, and it is quite something, and that is good, that is: it is a lesser evil than someone going to comment as a love letter to the critic.
Sodom and Gomorrah symbolize sin which in actuality, is not really a sin, sin does not exist. The Lord is the One who does. A man can not be. The sin of man is almost certainly not true there is no life.
Several of those who observe others’ behavior and demand – sin. For them there is the danger of sin, obedience, or of sympathizing with the symbol of that which is true, but because it is an attractive man reveals himself. That is why Christ came, that man finds himself living because they do not really see or know itself, and without Christ would never have really started to be and.
Those who see Satan decays are always in danger of being stiffened with horror if they engage in any account of sin, standing on the edge of the abyss and wobble. But the attempt to look at the big sins illnesses, all people take a critical stance towards anything, including the Bible or the symbols of sin called the media “social deviance”. The one that has come to the conclusion that society is deviant, and myself did not even look, collapses. Becomes a pillar of salt. A pillar of salt is a symbol of an overly spiced Criticism, of which we are all vulnerable, and the most powerful believers because they are the spice to life, they are salt of the earth and light of the world. Salt may obljutaviti but salt may also be
too much. It is unreasonable criticism: say that in society there are deviations. Because it’s not illegal to be lustful or greedy. Being gay, or take a commission is not an aberration but character of society as a whole. Because the company is a world, a world of Satan. There can be no deviation from Satan. Because it can never perceive Law Society over Satan, the law can never prevent evil, evil is higher than human law. To say that there is a deviation in the society is to think that society is usually fair, but there are some deviations. And how it actually looks: a society in which there is no “deviation”? How would an ideal society would look like?
Like paradise? No, because the man does not know what is heaven. As the Bible? No, because the Bible is not perfect or ideal law society than religious books. Like the Declaration of the Rights of Man? No, because a man can not even read all the laws, nor seen, nor can they put it into action? So what? Who correctly answers this question probably remained stiff.
As a pillar of salt. 12.01. 6:20


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