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Above The Material World

January 15, 2013

Is our body the cage? Is baby really secure in the mother’s hands?

No, the body can change as spirit wants and that could last for years unnoticed, but the body changes. If you believe that your body is not perfect, it will be seen on your body.

Baby is not secure because of the hands it feels, the baby is normally secure after the first shock and everything that you normally do with it, it accept. If parent think that only the arms can „help“ the baby, the baby will get used to be in the arms. Even more, baby will learn that body and arms are something very important and needed.

I believe that baby is secure like a spirit in the arms of Holly Spirit. Who else think so? If a group of humans would think that the baby have to hear the voices, than get the milk and feel the floor on which it lays, baby wouldn’t know about the parent’s arms immediately, but later, after it has learned to listen the words. I believe that, I’m not saying that you have to do like I say.

I believe, if human get learn that the words and speech are more important than the color of the eyes, or legs, arms and eating, than the people would never think that the mind and spirit are the same thing.

Even more, people  would know from experience that words come from the bigger force, the force which is much more than body, mind, thinking and so.

People would hear some voices which today they suppose are not existing and if do, it’s probably a hallucination.


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