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The Worst Thing I Believe

January 15, 2013

Because I believe that human feel the pain always, but the pain is not very big in early years, it is growing through the ages, I believe that psychosis is pain which became unbearable. Than you have to take a medicine, some take alcohol, some kill themselves.

The worse I think and believe is that a pain is a lack of love.

That pain than couses various desturbes.

The most popular desturb is very big fear and the fear causes more desturbs.

If you have a faith, you do not scare. If you believe in very real person which is Jesus from Nazareth. Only, if your pain is very big, your faith is not strong enough to eliminate the fear.

But if you wouldn’t say that you are feel the pain of some kind, but you have faith, your faith could be strong enough to eliminate the lack of love.

Because the Lord have strong love for you. The God is that Love you need.


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