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January 19, 2013

19.01.2013. HANDBALL 2013th Saturday, 20:52
Game of the year
Goalkeeper of all time

“Angel’s tears”, 19.01.2013. 21:00

He was sure that everything about the rumored games as he was sure that the opponents have burned so realistic that will be heard for a long, long time. He looked just emotional charge, somehow it was a game of pure temperament. Nerves, if anyone had, they lost at the very beginning when the goalkeeper has cooled and the fans, the players and coaches. It was a lighter long-range up to half of the second half when they realized what had happened, and showed that they do have blood in your hands, but it erupted excessive aggressiveness. Moment when they were nine feet were a bit distracted and eventually put an end to what they were four of the six stowed again. 21:13

He could smell the tactics, then is their coach, every honor it, in an old-Risala and write as you would at the peak of Maple shouted: let not yell at them, and then realized that he was shouting. At that moment his thoughts are only of cheering, was ripped and disrupted the entire equipment just to watch and knew it to be worth. Immediately after take off all that it does not spoil the experience and come back to blogging, you had a record to be reminded later, exactly what he was kicked out of the bars. No, there could not be anything set iskalkulirano closely watched because facial expressions and some movement, and that it is, and certainly not the only and lonely, he completely lost himself he is the best indicator.
Starts to tense seemed to point to reflect on their emotions, but did not work, he knew only that he might burglary writing about all that bring a bit of order. 21:29

He also recalled the war psychosis and that he prayed to the little voice, all the while constantly being; repeated itself again when the moment had come trembling, but what it does is either directly experiencing so he calmed down. But as he happened to be snarled so, he was just not happy. Another was cheering and kibiciranje, and something else that is not fully aware of the shouting. He was not even close to a insults, little was malicious, but it did not have much time for it, because the focus was meant to be so, not because he wanted to. Read the lips of players thanks to the camera and it looked to him as the players had agreed respects more than they listen, did not have to listen to it, it was one spirit.
Everything is expected, and did not know anything. Of course, interrupted him and transmission, and antenna one spade, but everything was under control. Mostly.
In fact, it was not, except for the guys, anyone else who is not yelling stronger than him, but he has to be back, I was, shut the windows and doors, the tone was a normal set, it was all in his head and did not he woke up because he heard yelling but when he saw the deal players. Then I knew.
He was pleased analysis. 21:53


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  1. I agree, games in the final analysis are all about nerves and temperament. What could be done to develop these competences within us?


    • There is an FM area in which we could everybody meet in peace.
      Prime Minister of ours is a good example of peacemaking

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