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January 20, 2013

I’ve been in the temple and was praying, little sleepy because of my medicine. From the day before, I was in some kind of Atlantis where my senses which I believe I have, has found the amazing answer. I am use to pray and sing „Send the Holly Spirit, Lord, and renew the face of the Earth“ – that was the most effective of my songs and prayers.

Well, I was sleepy in the temple but was praying aloud and singing with eyes closed, not seeing the people around. When we were giving the hands each other, one human behind me shook both of my hands with his, but without some fingers, that was all I saw and than I’ve met his wet eyes which was full of happiness and gratitude… I am still in Atlantis, whispered my senses to me. 14:18 , Sunday

I decided to tell to the bloggers what I was experienced. I am some kind of „unable“ and I am meeting various people, some of them are very superficial people, the most of them I’m bypassed of, and I won’t tell you how do they live and how unable they are ( they are scary often ) to understand the simplest „hallo“. And there are some „unable“ people which look powerless at a glance, but they often know me somehow and they are helping healty-looked people. It looks absurd maybe. I won’t tell you which of them are blind, or without legs, it’s not a poInt.

Have a nice day 


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