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Nature And Society

January 23, 2013

The car industry was good business and many have invested in it. But some ordinary people stopped to buy luxury cars because of the ozone
hole. The Earth has to be prevented from the cataclysm, they thought.
In a small country a small crisis has come, but people knew that there is a big crisis out there and some healthier parts of a country wanted to start a new life on their own. Those who were not rich, but had good political connections, decided to take all the money of that small country and the most of the money was lying in that rich part. There an argument started and a quarrel about the rich part of the country. Those who had connections made a little fast aggression and pressure to the one small rich part . Ordinary people were fighting among themselves and the real battle started with no ending.
After years, it could be seen that the healthy part, which lived really on it’s own is poor and those with good political connections made themselves rich.
Besides, there were some people in that new poor country, who tried to take all the money and to save what could be saved. They succeeded in a way, with many victims. But ordinary people wanted all to stop that war and crisis and agreed to make political connections which promised a better life, they even accused every who has money.
In the meantime the crisis grew all over the Earth, banks were trying to find the way out of crisis, everybody wanted to be rich again like in the old times; in the same time nobody wants the ozone hole.
The new problem appeared: a conflict between the nature and society.
Ordinary people tried to resist the conflict. They started to live in harmony with the nature, and the nature made the healthy ones of them. 23.01.2013. Wednesday, 6:55 am


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  1. We have to live as one with this world.

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