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Fast Storry

January 24, 2013

The fast story

Some boys were playing the battle.

Both sides had many victims.

The gaming became boring.

Nothing else could be done. They were wet of raindrops. They had nothing to do, everything had happened so fast.

Suddenly, some boy was going through the street with his parents, asking him where he was. He answered that he was in the house of his Father. The boys had to be polite, but they never understood what that nice boy was telling his parents who also stood there without a question.

Boys asked if he could play with them because it was something funny about him. But parents had to go to the journey and took their son fast and went.

The boys didn’t even get the idea how they next game had to start and what was all of that about.

After years that boys killed the attractive and funny boy because of the political manipulation, in which there was no place for him to stay alive.

When they came  into the heavens, they recognized what they had done.

They were not polite yet, they thought that in that old time they wanted to play with a boy, but society didn’t allow them. That boy came to them and enter the big door where the heaven was full of various games. They were good boys and said to the boy many thanks. They became the friends, at last.


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