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Cigarette that wasn’t burning

January 28, 2013

Cigarette that was not burning, by translator, a short story

Biby KNEW TOO OFTEN reel TOBACCO IN THIN PAPIRIĆ.KADA would leave his cigarette on the ashtray, and it happened to him often, she would extinguishes itself. Even if it fell on the floor, not burning. It was practical because he constantly walked Okoli
With a cigarette, and it was his savings. Whitey often taken from some NAČETIH cigarette and light up, and pull a few puffs.
One day found an apartment that burneth, somewhere there was a fire that spreads SUDDENLY PA neighbors HEY CALLED firefighters. FIRE drew from the apartment BIBIYA half dead. He was all burned.
After a few days to recuperate.
The insurance company claimed that it Biby burned his guilt and did not receive compensation. BIBYJU not understand how the eruption of fire, but knew there fools who would like to see burnt.
He was thinking who could be a potential killer and a striker. STAN has attempted LEAVE IN THE SAME AS combusted was. TO pay him. Ours is cigarette butts, cigarette boxes EVEN THAT was not his. FOUND IS GREAT MATCHES FOR BURNING STOVE oiled. BUT NEIGHBOURS knew nothing, as usual. If someone came in the night and CALM entered through its open door, that was his problem.
The only indication was that a pack of cigarettes. He knew a friend and rival BUSINESS THAT IS SUCH smokes cigarettes. It Biby and boasted that there is little possibility that it will MU smoking is harmful. But that was nothing, that he wrote about a rival campaign to combat pollution and SPOKE FOR YOURSELF THAT MOSTLY nonsmokers. Yes, it may have been a nonsmoker, but not against the burned-out corpses, thought Biby. Invite him home for coffee and discussions on the latest news. Rival COMES WITHOUT HIS CIGARETTE, NO Biby was rolling and burnt cigarettes and ashtrays IH left on all the time while they talked. “Terrible SI burned,” she said competitors, and Biby complain that there are no cigarettes and SQL rival May I take out of the box a cigarette. BOX is neatly on the table. They talked about how they will pay for the damages BIBY INSURANCE AND Biby said there was no WHO WITH LEAVE TO A useful CRUISE. Rival shone brightly EYES OF GREED AND ANSWERS UNCONSCIOUS BIBYJU “Yes, yes, go ahead”, and itself a light, forgetting that he had no cigarettes when he came to visit. DOGOVORIŠE AS WONDERFUL AND WILL DO THE JOB AND USEFUL rivals went with his cigarette, not suspecting anything.
Biby knew that rival understood very quickly that reveal. Left an open door and tapped his keyboard with extinguished cigarette in his mouth. GA fingers are hurt, NO, he wanted to hear more noises, thinking that it would be careless rival if it was entered into the apartment. It worked and is working on entering the room. The cameras were placed and concealed when Biby HEAR IS WELL AWARE OF YOUR OWN DOOR whimper. CALM continued to tap the keyboard, turn ALMOST COMPLETELY BACK rival, who came into the room. Then he turned and he saw LITTLE GUN IN HAND rival. Biby start talking about how not to keen on rival AND HOW IT CAN NOT SUE AND offered him a plea deal, she promised him the insurance money to pay off in full and asked him to put the gun down.
“GOOD THING IS THAT YOU, TO INSURANCE, you’re nice to extort from them”, he spoke rival, Biby him back: “Yeah, no one will ever find out that I came to kill, there’s no fear:” rival ANSWERS: “Sorry, I did not know you’ll live, but I was really in distress, well, you know me … ”
“Haha, yeah, I can you imagine,” Biby laughed merrily.
SLOWLY went out from the kitchen Young girl with handcuffs, walked rivals and READ IT CAREFULLY ITS RIGHTS WHILE Biby grabbed handcuffs and strapped her rival. Take YOUR GIRL arrested on the shelves, taking TAPES AND WHERE WAS RECORDED opponent recognition.
Biby HAS HAD FIRST get protection from the court.
Then the insurance money.
Mobilni uređajiPrivatnostPomoćPNOT moved out and did not go on a cruise. No quit. Edited by NE is flat and continued to write novels in order of the newspapers could not live.


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