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Family Life

January 28, 2013


MINA had large black eyes and long legs. Sony did not know about it, and he went over and get to know her, her voice was velvety. Soon walked and started living together. He traveled for miles to would come to dinner that she prepared very tasty. But it was part of the plan. GRANDMOTHER HER BEAUTIFUL AND COOKING good time romantic adventure her grandchildren. DADDY was anxious that his daughter is married to not have to watch over her and giving her copious allowance. Mom, my brother and sister enthusiastically shared the tips from my own experience. MINA knew nothing, working alone, was the youngest, best, most beautiful sweetheart overall environment. The only save money by her husband OVER INVESTMENT FUND, just in case.
When they returned from their wedding JOURNEY, Sony tells her that he bought a house for them in one small town. “I’ll manage,” he thought MINE.
Sony was disappointed of her unsuccessful attempts to cook SOMETHING OR HER BECAUSE Horsing LONGER THAN cooed became very loquacious. Sony has noticed that certain things about which women never talk. For example, revealed that Kingmaker WITH YOUR INVESTMENT FUNDS joyful that best entertain. DECIDED TEACH HER TO BUSINESS MATTERS AND MINE IS, after an interesting knowledge that is ACQUIRE, so he was happy and learned to cook those titles allies in the neighborhood that they gave it a homey advice.
But soon BE MINE fat. Sony is doing its job diligently, and diligently TRAVELED, BUT more rarely arrived for dinner. MINE IS NOT panic. One day he SHOULD NOTICE THAT nanny. Sony is suddenly and asked why THEY SHOULD nanny, even knowing that he was on his way first child eagerly anticipated. MINA explains that quadruples AND THAT BRINGS THERE WILL pursue your investment fund. SONY delighted ANSWERS TO THE FUND NOW ITS NOT SO IMPORTANT and they went in search of a nanny. Sony has taken a break from work WHEN IS MINE HAD ANY ATTENTION AND ASSISTANCE AND SHE IS LUCK HAS FOUR less healthy boy. SOMEONE ELSE TIME have learned about a young boy and, coupled with a nanny, they managed to put in order. LIFE THEY BECAME idyllic, real family, MINE IS EVEN regained his thin appearance. HAS BEEN HAPPIER THAN EVER.
But Sony loses his job. There was no risk of dismissal, but would not catch up with its competitors. His salary was reduced significantly.
MINA revelation that needs another nanny, noting happy with how Sony spends more time at home and dealt with the boys. SONY Think of the worst, but lacked the nerve to say anything.
After a while MINE BY ITSELF appeared at home with four girls and their new nanny. Sony was overjoyed, and then he disappeared into the study.
He did not know how it will solve so much concern about the future of their children. It has already sold two of three luxury cars that had. HOUSE was already as tight.
MINA use the room and sit at a computer. SONY suddenly what he is being pushed into operations and moved toward the MINI. THE LIVING ROOM were heard voices and laughter of children who are being played with the nanny. MINA smiled and showed on the screen. SONY view of the screen that shows graphs and ARROW INVESTMENT FUND. In the title bore the name of a company that had a very successful indicator. The company is called “MINE” and is engaged in developing smaller family building and to supervise all work being done pioneering PROJECTS. SONY curious run the program and saw that the company is a world leader in HOUSING PROGRAMS AND PROTECTION OF HUMAN NATURE. They were looking for capable people. Sony turned surprised MINI TO BEING SO smiling like you never had any problems in life, and had proposed to help her of new people. Sony some liked the company’s activity and inquiries Mina Would you like to accommodate you with your business enters into a corporation. MINA ENTHUSIASTIC accept the proposal because there was a great danger that it will become a department DIRECTOR, and she knew that in that case all probably gone wrong. She was happy as Sony offered its help he immediately accepted. FINALLY will be pulled out of World Affairs, thought Nina but that secret was not revealed by Sony. SHE WILL TAKE THE FAMILY, A SONY NPP entertain THOSE USUAL investment funds.


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