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Twelve Hours Of The Crisis

January 28, 2013

Twelve hours of the crisis
HE was a good politician. A lot was taught, was cultured and smart and had good leadership. With all that has been and still young. He really is the best political figure in the country, which disintegrated after the murder of the dictator. After many years of warfare, he promised peace. He was a member of the powerful international parties and all they knew or suspected that there is a good connection. In the country there was no one who would be his equal, he did not have some special people in my team, just bought them and they have lost their beliefs. President there is for them a god.
In CAMPAIGN the election was so suggestive, though not promising anything, that all Anti-government rebels stood at his side. Almost no one knew which way the path of this miserable country, and almost no one, after the great dictator was not who wanted to seize power. The country was full of rebel groups.
The president dissolved the police because they were unreliable and compiled a guard against certain rebels, police and army. Then he created the middle class and slowly became strong military forces. All who had nothing was sent to earth and shared freely in equal parts of grain and livestock, and vegetables.
Earth began to calm down. No one was hungry, no one has asked for higher wages. The President has worked mostly on foreign policy. Provided a lot of funds from abroad to some technical issues, but most gave the bureaucracy. Slowly he employed some experts from abroad who taught all employees in public and administrative affairs.
When the affair came to break the password of a registry, hackers arrested and imprisoned for a long time. He gave them everything they wanted and then they sent their technicians.
The country was calm, not progressed, but there was no riot, everything was renewed. The President has sent his team to travel abroad and by always accompanied by guards and were interesting and exotic guests. All international organizations have accepted and somewhat forgotten in a small country where the war ended. The president is married and started a family.
One day, gathered at the meeting some Guardians, many technicians and people from the administration and led all the hackers who have become well-trained. It was a big secret meeting, he was so secret that no one had any idea what was being discussed, but was not overly interested in either.
At the meeting, everyone already knew, or had been notified or are realized by jobs that have been doing for years, that a big national action. Everyone has got their own agendas. They got some deadlines and launch control system and business people from the relatively large group. The best were always the most commended and could OFFER TO president of his ideas.

One day a small country, and I have hacked all the key institutions in the world and the way that the world was paralyzed for a few seconds. Nobody should panic, no news is not allowed to leak. Large international organizations sent a small country, the President of the hood where he had a relationship with all key cabinet globe. Within half an hour, the President has collected all potheads who have meant something and revealed that his international organization responsible for the world’s hacker attack. In this international organization was much more diverse members and members than previously thought.
Nobody asked any questions because the president gave one statement, he ordered a halt to all conflicts and all transactions on the stock exchange in any way and that within twenty-four hours. So everyone could hold the world in the dark about what really happened. Otherwise, they threatened a major world unrest and wars and crises and scandals that would not end. All they know everything, everyone’s secrets would be revealed.
The world had no choice. Before the past twelve hours, all conflicts have ceased, was made a general truce, and life flowed normally, just as many industries failed to work on the Internet as people rampaged and had fun because they have almost nothing to pay dearly.
Before twelve hours had passed, the powers that announced that the crisis in the world to successfully stopped or gone, and that creates the conditions for a new world order in which all live in prosperity.


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