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March 9, 2013








I will write the story down. Everybody has a story. You can’t translate it. That’s something. Something else is the huge problem, World. Every implication has it’s grammar. That’s what I’ve learned since I’m learning to write in two languages.


We here are changing spelling like shirts. Every day new state, every day ten more spellings. I got a self-spelling and grammar. You will think the same if I tell you that it is something you can’t do in foreign language because it looks like you do not know anything, and on the mother language you can say that you have your political opinion about writing and spelling.


I have no imagination. Not knowledge. If I think that something is right written, that is only a tiny feeling that I can only guess what is right. Because I hear the words and what I hear is not always right. In foreign language, it means, in English, I do not understand a word when somebody is talking, specially on the phone or when the speaker has his own mother language and English is the second to him.


What a mass!


The other thing is that I am anxious and have no patience to read and learn, which means: I can’t spend five minutes in correcting the text. And I work hard, you won’t believe. I try four or five times to correct one word and in the next try I’m falling down with my nerves. I thought once that the spelling checker offers correct word. But there is no correct word.


I can’t take somebody to dictate him the text.


I want to have my style. That depends much about spelling and grammar. In my age you learn that language is changing radically.


I do not want to listen others, except in ordinary errors, but not , for sure, in adjectives and verb-nouns or something like that.


That is not my story, maybe I am trying to apologize.


Special is when I take my own poem to translate. It simply is not the truth what a different song I get.


Nobody likes to correct the text. To the others and for themselves.


The worst is that I look like I do not mind. I do, that’s why I didn’t write the story.



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