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Somebody Young

March 17, 2013



                       Somebody young



When I feel like now, must go in the desert like I went six months ago. My valley is good enough for my praying and more for my contemplation.

I remember news about that Catholic mission somewhere in Africa, where the priest and nun were attacked. They are watching on many pore hungry children. I did not put my ten or twenty kunas for them, I had something else, but I probably will.

That reminds me of one sentence in the chapter which was pretty important, in the book of Documents: II Vatican Council, it says that in the missions must go always two people. I will look at it once again some day.

Saint Paul, Apostle, says that you have to know the language of people in the Mission, of course. I wonder, although people are speaking Croatian in our Missions here and there, how does it rely look. How many of them learn seriously language which they never will need?

Also, he says that you may pray in any language you want when you are alone with Lord. I like to say Ave Maria when I pray for the spirit vocations, for priests.

One priest in German says that Croats are very proud of their national history and love to remember the customs of Croatian  

culture. Isn’t it natural? Everybody do that.

I remember that one bishop from Australia came in Croatia on his way to Israel, in the Croatian Mission, I presume; he gave an interview on television, in

Croatian . His words were short and poor, not because he did not know how to say, but because he seemed to be very clever and simple.

So, I think, very big job missioners have to do, very hard and have to be full of love. For the pope I never had such an impression.

I cannot think, I can’t imagine what a missioner must feel in the first moment when he comes and if he is little, little too young. I am certain that he must be somebody who had proved himself somehow… and in God everything is possible.


( “Lived touches”)


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