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The Game

March 17, 2013

Am I a gift, Christ, The Man,

The world is chatting

About the spirit lovers.    

I’m doing what I can

And the doors are not shutting;

Is it enough with overs


Of the inspiration game?

Is the wining  your default,

Are You glad for the verses

His or mine, it’s the same,

That we brought

At the Altar which disperses


All around the globe of Yours?

On Your ground we play

Like the children in the sand;

Drinking water from the source,

Heaven rules trying to obey,

To forget the body land


And some laws of physics.

Words we’re doing,

Flowing in your spirit,

Make that loving it is easy

Even though some suing

That the game doesn’t fit it.


But the game is Your creation,

That is all about surrender;

All is what some not expecting

You’re the Lord, I’m the nation.

We love softly, love You, Sender,

Take us breath with respecting.

8:33 pm, Sunday



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