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Thoughts On Lent

March 20, 2013


“Dust in the trace,” an essay
13.02.2013. Wednesday evening, 22:35

Powdery mildew has started with a mild sense of helplessness, the doctors told me not to get out of bed until spring. And instead of tea I drink hot lemonade if you want. With constant flu for neck, I barely got to the hospital and back. Because it’s not like that so much effort that I need to attend the ceremony in the church, I knew the rituals for Lent I will now arrive. I was this time seriously ill and feeble. The whole day I can not get over, and I fear that I will not go long without lying or urgent intervention of medications. For now, I could not have been a general practice to review. Pleura was hurt the most, it was probably the flu, if you do not score and pneumonia. Degree was not that much more than the temperature, 37, 9
I dreamed that my dear and come to me tenderly treated anointing. I am not of it was neither better nor worse. Later I have, coughing, and a bit stormy lip. I did not care where I sleep, just to keep my room like an incubator, to feel the warmth of the air on your skin. I was ready for lying as it takes, just that I do not have to leave the premises. I had a few lemons that I had until the end of the week. I am a little sore ear, and the head is a stove.
It was strange the idea that the brain is in the boiling pot. I did not dare window ajar so hot even though I could use the fresh air, even this winter, the city that night and by no means a good fresh air.
I will lie still until Friday, but if you give me, pleura hurt, I’ll examine the lungs. As I was a bit frivolous, it could happen that I lay down and pneumonia, but it seems to me that it would earn tuberculosis. These are not old diseases were rare at the present time as I thought before. I remember that it was in Europe recently and typhoid. Well, anything he finds.
Powdery mildew is still on this day, but the post was my normal habit, I complained that I have not arrived at the Ashes. I remembered how desperate people’s faces when they say to dust you shall convert. It’s hard to imagine that one corpse from decay can arise new life. Become powder is really meant both literally and totally to die and disappear from the face of this world and the views from famous people and relatives, leave everything forever. And that was proof that man is raised, it is born of God, out of nothing, nor from the soul, not the body. It was necessary to hear this drastic assertion that the total death necessary to man resurrected. But the faces of the faithful of those claims emerging desperation and I’m pretty sure that some do not understand exactly what it is ashes, even though they know or think it is “just the beginning of the rite of mourning,” that had to be the start of turning from sin, which is death and belief in the resurrection. Despair on the faces as if it was a sign of desperation and a total lack of understanding of the desirability of death in which there is no transmigration of souls going to heaven and immortal soul, while the body turns to dust. The resurrection had to be completely and totally, like death, and resurrection for good or evil.
“Dust you are and to dust you were to convert,” was one of the most beautiful words of knowledge resurrection. 23:11






























“Dust in the trace”
                                      MAN’S STORY
 The two of my attempts abruptly ended, it was the writer’s analytical efforts, essentially writing a diary. It is bad enough that I had her a lot and kicked. Easiest yet we go talking short paragraphs. Each one of them that has a purpose. As I fanatically convinced that accompanies me by the Lord Catholic calendar, I’m so convinced that I was given penance before I had achieved what I had to be a penance. That’s happened before. They said recently that a man is not happening but that he himself has to be doing. I now have the strength to be an event, say, for example, here’s Day, here again creation.
In addition, in order to be the creator of the event and if he has put his creative will, the will of God. He makes me and my works. I’m trying to work, and I myself have an idea or request about what you really want to create. I’m afraid that this would turn out dull retelling of the past or a diary. Although, in the last diary I managed, with God’s help, I show how pathetic uninspired religious. And how can a man of faith to bring forth new and different, the way he wants and dreams and know they could be.
Maybe I’ll invent something, try the fiction that I garnished briefly reporting, for example, a meeting I had with my dear, and he immediately wanted to go with me when he saw me on the tram. He was young as dew, with headphones in his ears and had a beautiful girl next to him. But he was a murderous orientation. I was not supposed to scare him and his  courtship, he looked like he was going to kill me urgently from the intense desire for me. His girlfriend took him, thankfully, seems to have had power and authority over him, maybe it was the cop, but brave and loose anyway. It met with such types, as it is meant to try to create, to be doing? Was not there an event rule, the murderer and take care not to attack someone, and ride with him on the tram and not a very nice to be rude. Do not serve the Lord, does she got to go to the ceremony in a church? And she was doing more than just killers, although the killer is not in itself an event until you actually commit an attack on someone. Yes, she was doing and she was a great believer and hardworking, but may never prayed.
As then understood religious folk who regularly attends church and rituals? Are more faithful? As far as I noticed, there were small children, the elderly and patients. However, the church they are healthy too, in his prime, and a hard-working and self-sacrificing for the good. Have such duties are not called humanitarian work. They are coy.



“Dust in the trace”
14.02.2013. Thursday morning
                                    Alive  wounds

Thus we pray: “Your are, Sir, the people and the heritage of yours … because you’re separated us from all other nations on earth, to be thy inheritance …” (from 1 Kings 8), but please do not believe it yet, “because we see Jesus suffering of death, crowned with glory and honor, that by the grace of God is for the benefit of anyone he might taste death. Appropriately, to God the Father through the sufferings of Jesus brought to perfection which is the beginning of salvation to everyone that brought many sons to glory … “(from Heb 2).

It is not enough that we are God’s people, I am, for example, it strikes all the way up when you are finding yourself in the Lord as Israel because Israel has got the most beautiful declaration of love and a choice statement God and devotion in the history of Christianity. But that’s not enough, Jesus had come to love the man in the fullness shown that man knows who he’s dealing.
Even that is not enough. Although I am the only God of Israel, and his talk with Christ who lives in me and taught me to others because I do not know, and he hears me in abundance, I crucified your God, who set me apart.
Does this mean that God does not make his fame proved that I’m not crucified? No, Christ would have proved much, much more, and taught us many things that we gave him more and better opportunities.
And not because we believe that after this kind of reading, even rituals that we have somehow elevate at all costs, we have the rite of the Cross.
And we say in this ritual, at the first station where Jesus is condemned to death? Talking to Pilate condemned Jesus unjustly. And who is he who has condemned Christ? And who is the one who condemns and crucifying Christ? No one and nothing. Would you give God damn it I’m so he was expected to condemn himself and sacrifice? No. And if I did, I did not have the Lord derisively and let me continue to think that I was responsible for his death, would have left me dead and lifeless to bury their dead, to sprinkle ashes and inanimate and dead trying to learn how to him was when “I sentenced him to death.” Condemned him to death and still not believing, please first station of the cross, we are proud to be able to recognize that we are sinful, to be dead. Rather than revive and glorify the Lord, who wittily quipped just so that we come to know that in this world there is death in us, not in Christ. And that we celebrate each year because they do not believe, and this is repeated several times a week, I’m evil and sinful, so please make me humble and so on. Oh no! As a reward for sin even gonna get right to some unknown god and pray in vain, because you’re the one who is self-condemned to being dead, not alongside the Living. Because they still have to please the Lord make us humble (and require them to be crucified, that’s a nonsense) because we still have a lot of rubbish that is not even ask any thing to draw to himself those whom we sought to attract to himself.
Well, we told the Lord that we killed him, and that he took with him some more, and we told him to forgive us and hence our religious duty performed. We recognize that we are sinners, but we do not see our own sin, we remain mostly dead. 6:42 postscript what point is there to the Lord I do humble, what’s the point of the Creator? That, He’s flora, fauna and time done perfectly and humble! What does he even human? And, we have learned that we are sinful, if we really learned? Because if we did, would not we become miserable and smaller than poppy seeds, and how can he even think to pray to make us even more miserable, is that like the Creator, have some poor bastard in his perfect creation?!
If I had not crucified right now, I might have learned my spiritual life, it might be the Lord showed all what else do we know about him so I can drink of the water of eternal life because of my growing in the Spirit of Christ will never end. I’m tired, I’m bored to be dead by mistake and misery, I want to see the glory of God that I was alive and well … and he said it all so many times. How can I sing:
 Push their wounds amidst my heart, and pray that my mother sad injection wounds of Christ in the heart when I am His own wounds? And when I ask him to let me among his wounds kept. It serves me well, when I was a dead letter and word, when they do not understand that the Lord makes me strong and faithful and not to look me dead, and the poor fellow poniznika but friends and associates. 7:04
I am Thou, O Lord, your people, and you give me be my God and following my decision and my work, a little more than I follow it I can see your actions and not just mine because I see myself in their These works reveal, through Christ our Lord, Amen. 7:12




“Dust in the trace”
zany POPE
I do not believe it’s the humility of the Pope because it is just a humble, would not quit. I would have said that this “crazy” J. Ratzinger endowed with a gift which has more focus and in addition, for a short time he made such a drastic change and so much left us to consider and give effect to the work of his life that will see a tenth of what he has sown. One thing is for sure, the biggest move he has done exactly this revolutionary resignation that many people called humility, which seems to me as usual, ordinary and hypocrisy that exists precisely because hardly anyone really understands the outgoing Pope and the souls of the people at the bottom of the Pope actually resent, and dare not admit so enclosing the first thing they could think: Benedict XVI named humble. If someone is not in the service of Peter was humble lately, it’s that big Benedetto. Of course, she never behaved humbly towards the world, which is completely wrong. How truly humble before God, but can be discerned in his works which reflected great mercy of God.
There is a major issue that the Pope is humorously left everyone in succession: to succeed him? Whoever the next pope, it will be anything but classic Christian. Firstly it has to be foolhardy and genuine.
Because no one knows fully who and what Pope Benedict XVI and the purpose of his ministry, and nobody really develop because for now does not know what about him speak a.
“Dust in the trace”
15.03.2013. Friday, the 1st Lenten















Purple shades of blue

Briefly again I saw “unreal” beautiful colors that I took pictures of the ninth of February when I was loudly heard and met the forebodings; Casimi the team, only to awake, as if I was not so much at fault because I was not awake. Never had they primijetih that there was a monitor or screen where there are so brilliant color. Besides, on my screen colors are anyway were changeable, as appropriate. Gray is turning into a purple, green or vivid color, but it’s given to me was rarely seen. It certainly was to me a good sign because it is not my monitor as it is without reason, that is, it changes color always “accidentally”, there is always a reason why the Lord plays with me at a certain critical juncture, and given some time in this way particular importance to me is the color begins to glow and flash. And my senses for a reason just at some point so suddenly wake up. The fact is that it is a lot going on and there’s an explanation, but that people do not know what point it would have, except that it is a technical problem or a biological phenomenon. And everything has a meaning, every detail, every very large event also are subject to the will of God, the Lord. I have disclosed to man as a gift, to observe the Christian believer, for example, who talks like this morning in prayer with Christ, the Lord becomes sensitive to everything within themselves and their environment. There are moments when a man says that nothing comes easy, and some call it the law, but it is God-given and depends on an individual’s faith. The belief in one God, one sees everything, there and see connections between all things, especially when they focus, solitude in prayer or participate in a Christian ceremony. There are many of us who think that our abilities and how we sometimes umislimo powerful, or even believe that God has, but that does not diminish our sin of pride, then why destroy your thinking ability to talk with the Lord and get answers.
If a match is more of such characters from different parts of my surroundings and my thoughts, prayers and omens, the reason for me to consider. It is not easy to catch the right idea about what you have to consider when you’re so everything goes out of hand, when you all look like a divine revelation. There were several reasons for me this morning, but I forgot to pray I’ve dreamed about since I saw the first great color while still do not razbudih. It is obvious that I am focused on my machine, purposely secluded and deliberately left it on the screen last night those images in which the color change seen so much and and so the colors on the screen prelijevaše who stood in the daylight outside the window. Deliberate potražih in colors medicine for the soul, rest for the eyes and heart and saw the beauty of all things. It came from the faith because they do not always see the beauty of the world just because they look nice color. So my prayer is left unsaid, and Answered early morning, immediately, from the Lord.
I would conclude that the only good that comes to the color of the ninth was the February values ​​can not spill all the colors from one to another, according to how much I focused a color watching, admiring the beauty of the very prelijevanih colors. Because the colors are apparently not bleed into each other for no reason and then when one looks at them with admiration, at least in Windows XP, Microsoft Word documents.
And apparently it is somehow always see the same colors, and sometimes better if you see it, it can be a drug or medicine or something you’ve ingested. Why do I always see the splendor of the beautiful colors but only when I am amazed and focuses on the spiritual and prayer? Or the time when I think of something really good, I sin less? And do not expect me signs but they come from somewhere outside of me to me, I fall down, literally, suddenly to mind as you suddenly remember you’ve got an idea or something you did not even thought about it, but something completely different. It comes from other people and that the message Gospodinu.6: 25






“Dust in the trace”
15.02.2013. Monday, 17:28 (as I write!)
Saturday, 16 veljače 2013th (Julian, Daniel, Phillip, File)
People say, if you love me, let me …
It is not love, it exists for itself and not a means.
When you love what you do, do not use you, just love you more or less. Love itself in you does what she wants, you can not learn, challenge or use. And has nothing to do with what you are trying to achieve with its own forces. In love, problems can be solved, but not by manipulation of love.
People want to love to solve their problems and do not solve their problems, because they are never satisfied, which is proof that love not.
However, one of the proofs that love is just that: you do not have any more problems, and solves all their problems on the fly and joyfully. When you love, it is abundant, it is not love.
Yearning is not love, because love is so occupied that it always finds its fulfillment.
Love does not ask, and do not give away, it is.
“Wills you listen to me, you will enjoy the fruits of the earth.
The rebellion if you persevere, you will be devoured by the sword. “(Isaiah 1, 19-20)






“Dust in the trace”
16.02.2013. Saturday, 15:55 Akathistos

When this hymn says Madonna:
“Rejoice, thunder affright enemy and destroy his family and the one who destroys the soul,” there are at least two ways in which this can be understood. One way would be to attribute qualities Immaculate horrible  and omnipotence.
Another way is that the words “thunder” and “enemy” had reconsidered and written with a capital letter. Since this is not the case, then here comes the thunder does not apply to the Virgin but the voice of God (Exodus 19 and 20), and the consequence is that the enemy is evil and a liar but are thinking of the enemies of God, the voice, and this is the infidel which still shows that it is the Lord of hosts Immaculate birth which destroys the one who destroys the soul, and it may be that I am an unbeliever in their condemnation or blessing pray and perform religious rites.
Next arises the thought of how Mary, in any case here is that you really honor because this is primarily so inviolate and perfect believer that can not even be God’s voice to scare (or Angelus, but no “powers of the Most High,” the Holy Spirit) which is why so many and lofty (and Moses are not afraid of God, the voice, but he makes a mistake in life on earth), but it is not the evil that scares the hell is afraid because just before the Lord, and Mary constantly attack, but to no avail. 16:17








Boredom, religious IGNORANCE, mysticism, magic, Satan

“Dust in the trace”
24.03.2013. Second Sunday of Lent, 13:07 Seriously I want to declare in relation to the various visions of converting, as events materialize … it’s all my magic and mysticism in Christianity, which should not be.
Tonight, as well as in childhood, it occurred to me that I feel like someone jolts be because I dozed off while my poor blessed and blessed grub cooked on the stove. I woke up because I was also a little tense, knowing that I can not sleep too deeply. Indeed, my grub on the stove just is not burnt.
Now I fell to temptation and thought. “That must be my late mother, I woke up …” – ERROR! That can not be. I was startled because I, like all people, filled with the Holy Spirit, which is the largest and the only provider of common sense, common sense and this is part of the cooperation with my biological and spiritual sense of time and for the right moment and the moment simply knew would roughly be the time to get up and go into the kitchen and I was in the middle of a dream, suddenly jerked herself, and it woke me up. One has to believe in God and believe God to man so that man will never be able to believe in their own abilities in the Holy Spirit. This, therefore, my awakening, no wonder no expression of faith in touch with a man who is not present, it’s just my inner ability and there is no philosophy.
When I think of what I’m like “miracles and mystical experiences” she had in life, I believe that this is happening to others, but it is not a belief in one God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, but it is usually sorcery and trickery, or Satan. It is very interesting to many children invoke the spirits of the deceased – it is also a diversion from the path of truth.
And that’s what I perceive as a foreboding and “touch” experience only in spirit, but never materialized.
And they eat and greet the body of Christ is also not the “M” of mysticism and mysticism. Jesus decided to take what is most accessible to man, the bread and wine, as an excuse to get people who are His disciples gather in remembrance of him, and just because he said it was his body and blood, I believe that Jesus was a special and privileged mode comes to the celebration of mass, where at least two of the same crowd that believes in Christ’s name. Then there is He, the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him and our Father in heaven. All this is happening in the Holy Spirit, and the whole thing is too abstract and mentally, and spiritually, because people are people in relationships with each other and Christ, the Lord. Man is not a static matter, the essence of man’s ongoing relationship and communication and relationships with others in these relations, relationships and communication is not hard to find in the Holy Spirit, that is, in the true, genuine spirit of love that God is, therefore, more than a matter or mere emotions, but in the material and emotional expression can be predicted or even better to see the presence of the glory of Christ’s love for another person, love can not stand alone, except in union with the Father, Son and Spirit, who proceeds from them and honor, together with the Father and the Son, or God would not be love, because love is the relation followed more or less the emotions that may or may not manifest itself. I just can not at the moment of lifting the Body and Blood of Christ express boredom, on the other hand curious longing for mystical experiences – this is heresy, infidelity.




Sex education in our schools took a lot of places in the media and, as the discussion turns down, it can be said that Croatia and other countries have kolumniranje topics such as, for example, measurement of gross national income, the closure of criminals behind bars, the introduction of compulsory Peace in the Balkans … that, while we’re at uniting the Balkans, and we would have seen that some still wriggling tails like lizards raščerečenih to at least, with the blessing of the president, opened the referendum on canceling the conversion and integration of the Balkans, sorry, Croatian in the European Union. Is that a lot of citizens in poverty and unemployment, but this attempt really seems that all those who never go to a referendum to vote finally discover who they are and what they are: they are the various actions Ustasha provenance that it must hide the iMac would not have turned out more Serbian nationalists of the Program for the destruction of the neighbors (they went well), and because there are few voters and elections barely passing. Some, in fact, and it is small, calculated suspicious, most of which goes like Mica Maca for singing canaries and voted for integration into the EU, and let the quiet that the conversion will be canceled and Country ogrezti the estate and all the wealth of the remains of our beautiful and as such are among the Yugoslavs. So, as before, the referendum will pass if it be so. Now it is very, very late for such a decision, and there are too few of us who would say that they are tired of the social-democrats and Yugonostalgic and then again to take you on a leash the entire waste stream which is called the Balkans. Of course, there is the possibility that some smart Serbs, for example, do something good for Croatia, but most of them will promote the Cyrillic alphabet in St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb because it has a high proportion of other, Cyrillic pismenjaka. Now it’s much, much too late, and the alternatives in the State actually does. It could perhaps help the general amnesty. But now it is becoming used to a quiet political life and fear for every little political conflict or perhaps even war. I’d prefer to let Brussels to continue his slovenly uniting, just to see how long it will go and how percent will one day surprise and returned quietly like a thief in the old system as it existed in Europe, and to the extent that they no longer or call the European Union rather than just Europe again, it will publicly admit that they made a historical mistake again and all messed up. There is another reason for the “yes” the European Union and the Communists: If an evildoer like that, if he was advised to go only forward (even as small livestock, op.auct.), Then this is certainly the easiest way to Croats , however we seem difficult now, sincerely, your moth




Another Lenten Friday

Judge not lest ye be judged! For with what judge you will be judged, says the Lord

Indeed, when the judge, himself inside bite you and your conscience eats away about yourself and when you want to highlight something good, the same withered conscience remembers those judgments you have made to others and the truth that resides QUIETER OR LARGER TO YOU EXPECTED FROM YOU THAT APPLY TO YOU same criteria which would have to judge. SO GOOD TO BE bite, but bad when you do not listen to your conscience and haggard, so obvious, not believing it themselves, thank their works hypocritical. Before the Lord, that is true, your court will come out into the open, and you condemn yourself ruefully as we now condemn. It’s your judgment, not the Lord. Court of the Lord’s pardon.

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful, says the Lord, listen to him, do not be conformed to this world



“Dust in the trace”
26.02.2013., Tuesday morning after midnight

                      In Christianity, there is no magic
It must be borne in mind that, for example, some “psychic” spiritual not to become an overnight or because it is such a born or because he exercised some magical moves to perfect your vidovidost, nor because it is a lot of learning about vidovidosti.

Man first, middle and last is to be contrite and humble sinner who constantly asks for forgiveness from the Lord and mercy, and that the pounding in his chest because of something that many people do not think of anything that could be a sin. It takes a mature faith, praying in the spirit and in truth when Christian comes Lord lavishes ga abundance of love. In this love the sinner becomes still more humbled and even suffering a ga not bypassed, it all goes in the maturation that takes years and years of persistent and religious life as a cleaner, and then the man in the Lord and only the Lord Jesus Christ, sees himself clearly, it is seen in a completely different “form” which is really a human reality. At the same time, the love that the Lord returns, the man sees his love for all people and meets a lot better and see other people and talk with them as well ga leads to even greater knowledge of actual human nature. Such a spiritual director is not a problem at first glance “see” a sinner and his greatest passion and problems and, before you started to say something, this chaplain will tell you what you should do to you exactly what you need, and that you are not alone were not even aware of. This is such a spiritual man, then, over the years become an experienced, tried and tested in the faith and has an abundance of gifts of the Holy Spirit, including clairvoyance. She and all the other gifts of the Spirit are not acquired overnight magic wand or any obscure and symbolic magic words, but the truth, the truth and the only truth that one man can not fathom, but it can be more and more to learn, getting to know the Lord more and more in love – this is called the mystery of faith. It’s a secret to those who read a lot, learn and think, but do not ask and do not recognize its smallness.
Besides clairvoyant ispovijedalaca has poor that can also be found in the so-called Jung’s “collective unconscious”: among them there is a link in the love of the Lord, because the Lord loves the poor especially because modest and humble not because they are poor, but they have become poor because they are modest .
Satan knows the collective human subconscious and is jealous when she sees a man endowed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and therefore he knows and foment such sins as pride, greed and prostitution, from one man to another. But never fails long to keep people in sin and in communion and he collapses and the people, while the fellowship of believers in the Holy Spirit, and sinful Christians can never be destroyed because it is the Lord who created all creatures and the angels, including Satan as pali angel whom God sometimes lets that tempts people, can not fail because Jesus destroyed Satan deceived and can not fail because it is the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son and overflows in abundance of truth and reality, the abundant love of God. 0:25






„Prah u tragovima“

26.02.2013., utorak, jutro poslije ponoći


                      U kršćanstvu nema magije

Mora se imati na umu da , primjerice, neki „vidoviti“ duhovnik nije to postao preko noći niti zato što je takav rođen ili zato što je vršio neke magijske poteze da bi usavršio svoju vidovidost, niti zato što je puno učio o vidovidosti.


Čovjek kao prvo, srednje i zadnje ima biti skrušeni i ponizni grešnik koji stalno moli oproštenje od Gospodina i milost, i koji se lupa u prsa zbog nečega što mnogima niti ne pada na pamet da bi mogao biti grijeh. Za to treba vjersko sazrijevanje, molitva u duhu i istini kada kršćaninu dolazi Gospodin i obasipa ga izobiljem svoje ljubavi. U toj ljubavi grešnik postaje još većma skrušen i niti patnja neka ga ne zaobilazi, to sve ide u sazrijevanje za koje su potrebne godine i godine upornog i što čišćeg vjerskog života, a nakon toga čovjek u Gospodinu i jedino u Gospodinu Isusu Kristu vidi sam sebe jasnije, vidi se u potpuno drugačijem „obliku“ koji je zaista stvarnost ljudska. Istovremeno, u ljubavi koju uzvraća Gospodinu, čovjek vidi Njegovu ljubav za sve ljude i upoznaje puno bolje i vidi druge ljude te s njima kvalitetno razgovara što ga dovodi do još većih spoznaja o ljudskoj stvarnoj naravi. Takvom duhovniku nije problem već na prvi pogled „vidjeti“ nekog grešnika i njegove najveće muke i probleme i, prije nego što nešto i zaustite, takav duhovnik će vam reći što vam treba i učiniti za vas točno ono što treba, a da sami toga niste bili ni svjesni. Taj je i takav duhovnik, dakle, s godinama postao iskusan i prokušan u vjeri te ima izobilje darova Duha Svetog, među kojima je i vidovitost. Ona i svi ostali darovi Duha ne stječu se preko noći čarobnim štapićem ili bilo kakvim nerazumljivim i simboličnim magijskim riječima već istinom, istinom i samo istinom koju jedan čovjek ne može dokučiti, ali je može sve više i više učiti, upoznavajući sve više Gospodina u ljubavi – to se zove otajstvo vjere. To je tajna za one koji puno čitaju, uče i razmišljaju, ali ne mole i ne priznaju svoju malenost.

Osim vidovitih ispovijedalaca ima i siromaha koje također možemo pronaći u takozvanom Jungovom „kolektivnom nesvjesnom“: i među njima postoji veza u ljubavi Gospodina jer Gospodin posebno voli siromahe jer su skromni, a nisu skromni zato jer su siromasi nego su postali siromasi zato jer su skromni.

Sotona zna za kolektivnu ljudsku podsvijest i ljubomoran je kada vidi čovjeka obdarena darovima Duha Svetoga te on stoga zna raspiriti i grijehe kao što su oholost, pohlepa i bludništvo , s jednog čovjeka na drugog. No, nikada ne uspijeva dugo zadržati ljude u grijehu u zajedništvu i propada i on i ti ljudi dok zajedništvo u Duhu Svetom vjernih, ali i grešnih kršćana ne može nikada propasti jer je od Gospodina koji stvori sva stvorenja i anđele među kojima je i Sotona kao pali anđeo kojemu Bog ponekad pušta da iskušava ljude; ne može propasti jer je Isus uništio i prevario Sotonu i ne može propasti jer je to zajedništvo Duha Svetoga koji izlazi od Oca i Sina i prelijeva se u izobilju Istine i Stvarnosti, u izobilju ljubavi Božije. 0:25















“Dust in the trace”
26.02.2013. Tuesday at midnight Parental reality
One of my “mystical” experiences was when I saw the flame, and I knew that the Holy Spirit blesses me, that is, that the Lord honors. Slavih him then, but not too much because I was too tired and all in a state of enthusiasm and immediately afterward usnuh. After two days I was reminded of that flame and blessed my enthusiasm. I believe that the Holy Spirit we are called in my own self, and that was one of the people with me, I believe you would not see the flame. I’m inside the flame seen as a response to I on the right track as a believer, as a result of their intense prayer for a beautiful and important work I’ve done for all people and for the sake of one person in particular, who I prayed, and it was not anything wholesale.

Another “mystical” experience, I experienced again in the spirit of his time and it was midnight, I walked one hot summer night and met people with kids in the park to play and try to cool down. I was feeling very much a reality as the significant words, gestures and actions and saw that the people we often call their children, but there are a surprisingly large malice and did not understand how can my own small children so hypocritical babble. It was on my way back home from a walk, and I intended to go traverse through the park, thinking that nowhere in that time there is not a living soul. But it was really humid and hot in the summer and people were headed to the park or children could not sleep and the playground was nearly filled the small children accompanied by adults.
I went home, and after a while she remembered her sense of reality different from the usual ones, people like that dropped to disguise their faces, and frankly, our children already knew what it cant even though they have not yet spoken. But these little children had their hobby, they probably had been doing what they play and roam around a dark night, and probably it was made a little unusual and can zaokupiralo just to honor their parents because neither of whom did not know each other well they had to accept whatever their parents carry, so even the hypocrisy perceived as normal and ordinary human reality, nobody, so low, you probably did not talk about the love of God, or they showed a special love, it was more important to parents that children do not fall, and do not run around than what was important to them to devote to this, his small children and talk to them about the park, which was a real little refreshing place after sultry days. Nothing mysterious, no mysticism, I saw, surprised, huge hidden human malice. I saw the reality, and that reality is more interesting for the people among themselves modified vicious and lustful glances and words than to love their own children. Say today in broad daylight in the midst of a parent that does not love and he does not like her little baby! Raščerečili to vas.1: 20

Another Lenten Friday

You are all brothers. Neither the father does not call anyone on earth. That one is your Father – the one in heaven. And do not be ye called masters: for one is your Master – Christ.

Indeed, many call their fathers and the fathers of wisdom or some history. And he says that Jesus does not have quite literally understood or something similar. In this case, let’s try to understand literally the words: “No father, no leader, do not get called.” How many times do we say he is the leader, the leader, the boss, the President, or as we call ourselves. It just means that we are small and weak in faith, that we have not even come to the point that we are brothers, but not all the same. This is something that is hard to shape into words. What words to call someone who is distinguished by abilities and a brother to us, and not the same as another? Simply, I do not have a brother or sister has the added feature that you like it is all about. If someone is capable, it is the Lord’s ability in man. It’s the same simple brother or sister like any other in Christ because everyone has some merit, but are not observed among men. This is because humanity is still at such a low level of social development to see just where a kind of pamenjaković that everyone would go just to not have to think for themselves and develop the laziness of one ability that the Lord has given us. Indeed, many think that they are so mean to them in no particular gift of the Holy Spirit.
And when he finds a gift in itself, we have ga submit people to use, and not imagine that it is our ability and that’s what makes us special.
All this is because of the sins of pride, which means that we think that we have to stand by your gift to become popular in the group, and to be the best at something, that first – that is, leaders.

Joel 2: 12-13
Come to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning. Rend your hearts and not your gown …
Indeed, the most beautiful gift of prayer and listening to the Lord in the silence of your heart, mind and without coercive noise distractions of this world. Centered ask the Lord to speak to man brings knowledge at which the human heart opens and breaks up because of the hard and stony, and the word of the Lord by listening carefully break the stony heart and soften it as the heart of a dove. Then the man wept and prokuka over yourself.

Go back … to the Lord our God, for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love, and repents of evil.





Another Lenten Wednesday
Son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for many.

Really, it will not serve the world in obedience, as at first glance many think. To serve means to give everyone exactly what they need, if he needed a glass of water, to give him a glass of water. If he needed a lesson, to give him lessons. If he needs attention, listen carefully ga.
Not to serve behave as someone Foot comes to his servant has already behave this service manjemu greater, the one who has too much love serve one who is malicious and wicked.
Not to serve adapt the rules of the world, not the Church of Christ because it is acting as the world thinks that the Church had to act. Not meet the service needs and whims of people who are not aware that they are frustrated because they expect everything to be their way.
Service is the most sacred job in the world: to serve as a parent has a child, the state has to serve the people, the Christian has a wicked serve as premature babies and release them the glory of God’s love. The Church of Christ is therefore to show the truth to the people who do not know what is left and what is right.

Son of Man will be handed over to the Gentiles to mock, and to scourge and crucify him, but the third day He will rise again





Prayer is our way

“… And as he was praying, the appearance of his face was altered …” / Luke 9.29

Prayer transforms us. We see ourselves in a different form, it is more than natural state.
It may be the only direct speech Supernatural, and since he works with us and is going to meet us, we do not imagine that we say “to empty” words of prayer or to use a secret password. He is a man of God, He knows exactly what’s the connection to the natural Supernatural in which time we will come out to meet, listen to us, to predict what is in our heart, hear us. Always hears us, but we do not know how to pray, we often think that we have some strong emotions or be drunk or feel the tremendous energy … none of it. Christ, the God-man, comes at exactly the moment when we turn to Him and the word “catch” is still not a man’s concern, in addition to concern about whether and how much to believe will be heard because it has to act immediately as if he was praying for Answered, that is: the man has the task to identify the answered that may not seem as a man – the petitioner originally envisioned. Do not look so the answered. Moreover, it is best to know that it was Jesus who hears you when you see that you receive in abundance over what you wanted and what you are for what thirsted.
If it “does not happen” anything, you are not God withheld the bread and gave you a stone. But … you did not recognize the answered, forget what you’re actually praying or, more often, you are transformed into faith than you suspect.
0203 1800










Just this Lent

Strive to enter through the narrow door … BECAUSE YOU TALK: “Lord, we ate and drank with you, and you are taught in our streets …” And he will reply: “I ​​DO NOT KNOW WHERE YOU ARE? Depart from me you who practice lawlessness! “/ Lk 13, 22-30

Do we know who our Lord, Jesus Christ, are we sure it was him when I meet him in the immoral, rich, politicians, extremists, drunks, tramps smrdljivm, buckets for diggers who brazenly seek cigarette, crazy maniacs who cry while walking on the street – do we know that it is our Lord?
Do you know that He is built apartment, house, villa, car and gave us three meals a day and that others did not give anything, not even baptized Gentiles and they have no idea, cursing God and attack humans, they fight with each in streetcars, in parliament, at the doctor go through the order …? Do you know that the Lord does not give them anything and that our homes can crash in one hour, a wicked and reward of hard to justify it?

I never knew you, they will tell someone the Lord, and we were happy with it and not anything we missed. He protected us and guided soft trails, carries us in his arms and answers. We were coming to Him for the celebration of mass, receive the sacraments, and we were right, raised Christian. We were careful not to make a mistake and do not sin, we bypassed all, at least, the evil that we truncated. We kept strictly dictated, not fornication, not stealing, not killing anyone, we were giving alms, we were obedient and said, “Belief” every Sunday in church. We have not done anything wrong, we did not do anything …

… and He will say, “I never knew you!”











“Dust in the trace,” 06.03.2013. 7:00 am, Wednesday

Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets.
I did not come to destroy, but to fulfill it, saith the Lord.

Indeed, the Law and the Prophets of Israel meets with his Lord:

In Abraham faces thirst of man for the true God, live and obey the Lord, through which Abraham numerous descendants gets so loyal and faithful living God since God called the people of the Fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Again, the Lord reveals Himself to Moses as God lives, that is present even in the King David who wins the Promised Land and the wise Solomon Temple Lord, that the city, it is all the offspring promised.

In more than a hundred psalms that we have, and they are sung prayer, the Lord teaches us to pray, talk with him about everything.

Great prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel, and twelve minor prophets are saying to the people that Israel has to pay and how to get the Anointed One who will save his people from the bondage of sin and unbelief the only God that is different from all the gods, idols made ​​by hand, in sin respected, golden calf – wealth statue made ​​up of all the gold that she had a poor and hungry people, of their gold, and gold jewelry while Moses received the ten Commandments, the Lord only, and brought them to the people Israel, Ploce Decalogue written in the ark of the Covenant stored which restored to his temple.

And people worshiped and create too many laws, new and new and the fullness of time, the next incarnation of the Lord and the descent of his people, that they learn again to present himself and to save Israel and all others from sin and redeem us from Satan who tempts people ages and iskušvao and God himself came down from heaven.

Lord Jesus, the Bread of my people only, the only born Son of God comes indeed the whole law and the prophets affirm and fulfill because His work reveals the importance of the Scriptures and the Old Testament.



I will arise and go to my Father

Nobody opened the eyes of a man born blind like Christ.
Who saw Christ, he has also seen the Father.
Come and see how good the Lord, come and rejoice, for He will open your eyes and what you see will not be so nice, and you’ll pay because you will see that the Lord is the one who saved you from evil.
If you have a son who was lost in the pursuit of freedom, come to your Father who is real freedom.
His burden is light, come and take his word on his shoulder, take it to heart, in your mind, and do not think that you are blind and you’re free and you will have a light and easy future.
I do not sing: After my death, give me paradise …
Sad. Now you have to turn a new leaf, you have to open the blind eyes and take your load and go make your life with Christ


























“Dust in the trace”
13.03.2013. 6:51 am, fourth Wednesday Lenten

By myself I can do nothing: as I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just, says the Lord

Indeed, the Lord is not to be lamented or prosecuting attorney’s office and he does not need a jury.
“Court” is only listening to His Father, and the Father realizes when he hears the word of man, but a believer, a sinner or a just and published in his conscience. And I am a man in his conscience is at the source of information about yourself in the Lord and the best man so I know what is his condemnation.
But the sinner has to know that the Lord desires all men to be saved and that his court forever forgiveness. Only then can a believer finds new sins to be forgiven, in repentance, and that makes it better, bigger and closer to the Lord in love.
Therefore, the court of our Lord Christ only fair.

God, you’re loving penance: for her just nagrađuješ, forgive sinful. We confess our sins: have mercy on us and forgive. According to the Lord.


















You know me and you know where I am! And yet, I have not come of Myself, ALREADY sent me by my Father, says the Lord

Why is the God-man on earth, the same one who is the Father in heaven?

One sees that someone is normal and all people are equal when you look at Christ, Man. People can not imagine that a man at the same time completely out of the world, above the world, and creates and sustains the world, people, and maybe even a man.

However, they are one nature, nadpriroda in three people with the Holy Spirit. They can be all in one, and each of the three people I know are doing the same, we can not say that one thing, the other is the Savior and the third makes a man holy, every one of these three people doing all that.

But it’s important for people to get an idea of ​​what he was, what it means to be a person, a person can make apparently more important things all at the same time, the person has a view of themselves, both outside and inside at the same time one can communicate with other persons who could be a man or God, or all people together. Only a man can not be completely alone. I’m also not a gentleman, but he is one.

This means that a man can do a lot more than he thought today. As Father in his Son, He is the man who created it.

In the light of faith, a man may, there is a chance, look at yourself almost like looking at a man’s father, a man may see yourself as a person’s communication with God in love, one can be absolutely transcendent and at the same time completely inside yourself and can therefore exist do everything you can communicate with other people – people, be they trancendentni or not, even a man can do everything at the same time and same place. For example, go alone in your room and talk to God and pray, but go outside of your room, you do not need a special concentration and meditation to be transcendent, or you are very mobile and dynamic person like God who creates and is friends with myself and the world, animals, plants, weather conditions, space, and God is deep inside the man and talking to him at the same time inside the human conscience.

It grows, it is communication, so that they have become a kind of community, can not be anything else.

And this is what God requires of man, God has a task for a man: be together, help each other, be community as I have in the community itself. And you can join me at any time.
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Isaiah 65, 1b – 3a
“I said: Here I am! Here I am! People who do not summon my name. All day long I have held out his hand a rebellious people, who walk in a way not good, after their own thoughts, a people me to my face continually. “

God is watching us in the face, but we can not see his face.
We will watch him face to face and we will not see it.

“… Sacrificing in gardens,
Incense on bricks;
At the graves,,
I spend the night in secret places,
Eat pork,
Match unclean dishes in bowls.
And they say, ‘Remove it!
Stay away from me I do not dedicate myself. ‘
These are a smoke in my nose,
A fire that burns all the day. “(Isaiah 65, 3a -5)

Indeed, many invoke it,
Speak His name in vain,
His saying that.
The Church penance ga hail,
But he wasted all that effort
Because his face in the spirit flies,

Ga human who asks
And alive and dead, search it,
And many built shelter
Brick in gardens lie.

And when I call him, He is there,
The face and noses
About myself telling them,
He presents himself in reverence
That is mixed with pride
The false surrender.

Man Ga asks
Just search your desire,
And many built shelter
From Isin in gardens lie.

“Sought not ask ME THAT FOR ME,
They found me, who did not seek … “(Isaiah 65, 1a)

Indeed, “I did not know, it’s late and I knew I loved you, and my heart is restless until it rests and finds it in You” (St. Augustine); heart is that all the time praying and begging, “Give me this, give me that “yammer on and can not hear the heartbeat of his restless, after praying out unhappy and anxious, fear ga I yet monitored.

Shut up, shut up already, my lips, I hear your breath as you inhale because it is my Lord and my God, I can hear your breath flashing and stir up my heart, restless from the desires and needs of all kinds when only one thing is necessary: ​​to issue myself to see you are still a man of his breath live and not die, even if they want, and not giving up dying because of greed, because it gave the death that does not come. Not because a man dies in him who keeps his life breath on his lips … touch my lips, O Lord, the breath to tell you how sad it was those days when you did not know, as my heart thirsted for the good of heaven, which I anticipated. Breathe in me to see myself in the face and glorious.

“Thus says the Lord:
As the shock of the cluster say:
‘Do not destroy it, it is
Blessing! ‘
So will I do for my servants
I will not ruin everything. “
From 65, 8

Who in the land is blessed,
Let God bless the faithful.
And who is in the earth shall swear
Let swears by the God of truth.
For 65, 16 a, b
Amen, Christ, Lord, it’s so, so be it.



“Why do you seek to kill me when I told you the truth?”
Is not that terrible attack on the human conscience? My first thought is man’s answer to this is not true what he had heard. But no human conscience first thought after these words, and then to have an answer to Jesus’ question? She, the human conscience, knowing or just at that moment realized that carrying the truth in itself, a glimmer of truth. Who runs out of words on this issue, this is the best path to heaven. Who responds that it is not true what he tells someone, that claims to be recognized and discovered the lie, and lie, that recognition can occur in man only when he himself was lying. Because if someone claims to speak the truth, what’s your right and the power to assert and judge whether it’s true or not. If someone claims to speak the truth, your job is to believe, and the work of our Lord Jesus Chist is to judge, justify or even revenge lie if any. Man can not against the truth, but a liar is one who tries hard and the more someone tries to refute such a statement, it is safer to his conscience lies. And what is the point to kill or arrest the man and close it when you say something so hard that he was telling the truth? Is it not logical to draw attention to the man and make his attention to the spoken word and try to see, or believe, or assume that it is true what he was saying? Or just say, I do not know what you do and say what you claim. Can you give me a little better explain?

If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, says the Lord, you will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.







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