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A Hamburger, short story

March 28, 2013

Detonation boggled him suddenly, startled and glanced toward the window unconscious. Beautiful red-white flower fireworks shone in the black sky.
 Remember that the shooting started just after Christmas. Go tell the kids in the room, but there was nobody there. Probably the reception
 he woke up, and it is. He didn’t intend to continue to sleep. He swallowed four pills, others did not either, weak of starvation, is not dispensed charity, coffee is still profitable, but he could not drink out of milk, and on tobacco could only dream of.
He was happy to be nearing the time when they will finally get money.
Was left alone, and if he ceases to be weak, he will live in peace. He will enjoy the spring.
He could not figure out what he personally could still happen in the old days. The gloom was sitting and reading, listening to noises and fireworks. Someone stood next to the edge of the kitchen sink and he turned. It was a masked youngster. Does it look like easy prey, the old man? The attacker approached great skill and speed. The old man felt a blow and thought: I do, I do not care for all. His head falls, it hurt, but he does that voice away.
Youngster did not know where to begin stealing from us, so the old man’s hiding place was open and no closets and drawers. Note that the youngster opened the refrigerator was empty.
But then the kid comes and stirs up old man, flushed it with water (aach), pushed him a baton under his chin and threatened to go to the vault in the morning.
“I do not have a safe and tomorrow is not working,” said his guard. Boy was really skinny. Old got up and took the cigarette that he brought from the nursery and provide mulch and quickly pulled his hand back, and even more quickly lit a cigarette himself.

“You pensioners only something you have, where is gold?”
“I have long advocated, irrevocably sold and bought a silver necklace to my son, only you do not get that,” said the old man, and took a drag.
“Where did you get such a great wealth of everything? It I can not normally sell.”
“Why not rob bookmaker? Pretended old expert in the business.
“You have four dollars I can borrow? ‘, Query kid.
“Go to the Square beg, go to the soup kitchen, you have all the rights to anything and everything …”.
“I do not have ID I escaped from elders, drunken non-stop and are bound like Greece. The old man used to be a master, all we had.” He explained at length the robber with a mask and a bat.
“I’d give you hamburger, but I can not, it’s for the children, for tomorrow, and we have nothing else.”
“And what will you next?” “We’ll do something survival we have all the rights and all.”
“We were all abducted …”
“No one was kidnapped anything, go Collect bottles, signs the elderly, make documents and doing a hell”
“I do not know anything, I studied and lost one, they were all robbed”
“And you do not know, indeed, neither rob”
“You have ten bucks? I’m hungry”
“Here’s one hamburger and manner as I have said, and for that day to come when I have money.”



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