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What Bothers Me in Croatia

June 8, 2013

Last time I saw you, I was a scarecrow.
Now I am even becoming a big citizen
Of a Union in which everybody lives wonderful,
Not joking, that’s what they told us.
The Constitution looks very nice,
It is too nice to be true
As all the Constitutions in a world.
It is a very, very big dream
And we know that even the best dream in the world
One day stopped.

Europe Union has Justice and Mrs. Justice
in our area, which is not Croatia, but it is Balkan,
she is growing some ununderstandable,
incomprehensible practice which is mixed with practice
of self mutilation, self-inflicted, we are destroying ourselves
and I think that people from EU do not really understand
how this way of integration is very bad, it is like you are braking legs to make a new one only just because of somebody’s ideals which are only ideals and nothing else.

So, here is democracy and freedom very small, you can say anything what you want if you know the Constitution of UN and EU, but we do not know it, people do not understand and the government do not translate properly the spirit of the law in EU. You are in real not allowed very much to say or to do because we are not developed to understand, even the big bosses who know something better. They are speaking what is right but in a very ruthless way and people find itself angry. And they tried to say the opinions in a bed words because it is worse than a war and you don’t care, you don’t watch your language. Than you make a verbal crime and you are punished. Strikes are so useless and nobody listen to the people.
EU is watching all that, but she is helpless, she is trying to be more and more legal, but it is all not about the law, but about the feelings and mood.

There is a crisis of ethics for us Catholics in Croatia.
We are all Catholics, but do not know the difference between the trust in the Government and faith in Christ, the Lord and that all what I am speaking about is a very big temptation for us, believers.

The Socialists are trying to make the faith in God and the trust in Government equal, the same thing.
Conservatives thing it is to early for Croatia to integrate in EU.

Fairness of God is forgiveness and justice of cities (because there is no villages any more, but we are all one big village) is looking for the crime which is not crime and because we are not able to make a difference between the real crime and political work in democracy, we are punishing many wrong people and real criminals are free and they also just talking very nice and how sorry they are, but they rule and they have a power, so it could not be that they are criminals. I feel like in the old Former Yugoslavia in seventies. It is very alike, but people forgot it.

Now, Catholic Church knows what she is doing, but do the believers know that?

In Zagreb, June 8.2013, Saturday, 5:18 am


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