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Ocean Without Storms

June 9, 2013

I was born once in the time, I was conceived in the womb.
I was Baptized once in my life, but I revived only in your eyes,
Once I started to live and that was when I met you, the bomb
Can not do such an explosion as happened in souls that cries

Because of obligation of giving love we found each other in spirit,
We were full of joy, and now I am happy without you, alive.
My body is tired of because of thirst in the body all live it.
No, I am not such a woman who would ride like a Lady Godiva.

Can not find another love for my graduation days when I could
Live like the ocean without the winds and storms with
Whatever I like I can not do
In my spirit there are some thorns.

I am just the woman without you bringing you in the heart
It is not such a big sacrifice
All between us was about to live apart
in my body the thirst just dies

When I awake in the mornings or in the nights
I live just like we use to live
Our souls in spirit always have Their flights
Nothing better could we Achieve

June 9, 2013 Sunday 6:41 AM


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