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Prolific Fishing

June 10, 2013

I walked to Peter and the others, not being careful where you step, with a heart full of sadness and of a kind of restlessness, as if I was excited and anxious. I felt the same way when the Lord died on the cross, but different. We walked to the lake, fish, hunt, and that’s caused me the greatest anxiety, I could not adapt to such a thought again continue to catch fish, and I believe that no others is not any better. We were sad and a little exhausted. Who is now to fishing, I thought to myself. The Lord is here, we need to be with him, wherever he was.
I terribly miss I kept thinking how I see it somewhere. I knew I would always love him, but I was safe and that they can not continue with the previous way of life. I went with the others just because we had something in common, Jesus. It kept me with the other apostles.

Night had fallen, and we set off on the boat lake. People will hunt spoken to us by Jesus. He taught us, a lot of us that show, now this could be real. Jesus lives in me, in my heart and always have me His miracles, various works and the lessons were in view. I knew that we could catch fish as our heart desires. And that was not an appropriate way of life. How is it meant when he said that people will be caught, it will be and when, I wondered when we threw the network you are constantly pulling out completely blank. I knew it I saw that something was wrong.

We threw a network for the umpteenth time, I said that we have to paddle a little deeper. Again there was no catch. Then I remembered how the Lord once told us where to cast the net, so I said let throw a little more to the right. Something I was expecting, I wanted to get off the boat and walk on water lakes I wanted to recall the power and the joy that we all felt. Actually we all thought the same we thought we’d have no problem doing any wonder so and fish to catch.
She pulled out a network, something it was and I took hold of his hand. I caught a fish that would have passed through the network so that was again empty. Fish we slip out of his hands and bounced into the water alive. I knew I would soon know the answers to our numerous and diverse issues. Dawn and drew me more sad and disappointed than tired, turned, towards the coast where the man stood, looking for our little fish. I was not wrong you do not have fish it certainly was a sign for us to deal with the attempts of the old way of life. We really hoped to find Christ when we went to catch fish.
The man said, let us throw back to the network and a little more to the right …
“It is the Lord,” told Peter cheerful and all Immediately we knew we found what we were looking for and we got to where we wanted.
We caught all kinds of fish, full network. Jesus was waiting on the shore of the fiery live coal in containing a fish. Next thing was the bread.
We should have known that the end of us, we were not allowed to be sad.
Clear decided, whatever it is, I go to Him and Him, Jesus, I constantly think about him all the people to interpret.
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