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Brothers in a Battle

June 11, 2013

What is the Balkans? It is like Syria, it is not about an oil, but never mind.
I want to talk about me, and I am an old Balkan.

The Balkans is in front of the door and that is terrible for some lady like Europe is. And Europe can’t blackmail the Balkans with an oil. She only has to promise and promise a better life like the Balkans do not know how the better life is looking. If Europe failed in any mean, the Balkans will live. It is not Greece. It is not only the South of civil Europe. It is a story for itself only.
The Muslims can do whatever they want in Balkans, but they want one thing and the next minute they want another. What they really want is not to be a Serbian and not to be a Croatian, but have a state which you could call a Muslim state, but it is not about a state, it is about a faith. In that way, the Muslims, who are in old times Croats or Serbs, are trying to be of their own, but they really do not want that, they want not to brake a tongue, trying to have a Bosnian language which was Serbian – Croatian in a Former Yugoslavia. Bosnia will not find their language soon.

The other is nostalgia. There are many families all around the Balkans which do not belong either with Orthodox , neither with Catholics and Europe will never solve this, whatever.

Croatia has a good reason to hate Serbia, but that is old-fashioned…if we have to fight the common enemy, we will not be another Yugoslavia, but we will understand each other while Brussels, Belgium and so on are not understanable at all. There Europe has not a good cards, Balkans need not a corruption.
We were fighting and we fight, we maybe hate each other, but that is our business.

When Croatia cried for help, it was a big mistake, it was in the war. Now, I see, like a Balkan, Europe is nice and polite , but I rather will fight all my life with my first neighbor because if somebody helps, it is not a fair game. We in the Balkans have to measure our own forces and Europe is not such important , but she can be useful like a weapon between us.

Believe me, Europe, Balkans will always eat your stuff, but he will have always his hunger for victory which is never sure, that’s a game, a very dangerous game. Europe do not have such a charm. And what is the money in front of a good battle?

The third thing is that Balkans live good whatever is happening. Because of their position in time and space. Europe can’t civilize Balkans, she may succeed for a moment, but the game among Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and so on will last much longer than every expect.

The same , I believe , is Africa on her North. There is nothing about an oil or a weapon. There is about the faith and strength and belief and that can not be paid and that is only a good excuse for the world to try to involve.

One thing more: people sometimes can be hungry and they need help from people who are dying of fatness, but that all are only just a signs for humanity, a symbols of human’s sin and faith.
1106 1922


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