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My Prophet

June 11, 2013

My truck is going to get mad, I have to buy another one
Which is normal and do not go like an old man
I want to say to you that you are the only one
Whom I want and if I go to the strange land

I will carry nothing with myself, maybe only a sword blade
Which is a word of God and without which would never be us
I like to run, to run for a foreboding, for a tiny shade
And I do not really care what is the faith and the opinion of the mass.

I want to tell you, if I would have to die,
I will think on Jesus, but you’re on my mind
And now I am not in a crusade, I don’t lie
Only want to know you, you art the one whom I got to find

It is all about a love between us,
That is nothing to escape by all means
Because He is with us, not with a mass
Not like here. I have the wedding rings

For my God and He is yours also,
He teach me what to say, I’m sure
He will have to left us, He will have to go
All we have is the heart which is pure

He wants us to do the job
And I do it properly, He told me
You are the one that is my task of
To do what Spirit wants, you just hold me

And never forget a shadow in the bench
Because that is one of your ways
You’re a big prophet if you let the strange
Woman to be an angel. It is only a phaze

One day I will really go and I will wait for my saints
We both have a job, we are both something special
In our ordinary lives. I hope you will be the one that stands
In front of Jesus and I won’t be the aschel.
1106 1806


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