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Ugly Source of Brightness

June 11, 2013

When I look at the mirror, I see the light in a sunny day,
That is not a true. I have to come closer to see what’s in it
That shine like a paradise. What I see need a holly prayer
Because I see the dark grave that is on my figure, split

That is the true, the darkness is my middle name
Now I know what is that mirror about
You can not see Jesus and His holly flame
If you put the creme on you and try to shout

About how are you so good and good looking
You are not by yourself and you need an urgent help
You have to see the darkness that is choking
Everybody and you have to taste that smell

If you don’t know what the death and grave are
You can make a big mistake, you have to look at it
If you have an opportunity, look at the altar
And ask for the brightness in the sun. Then smell it

And you will see the source of the brightness, it is a black coal,
Isn’t it? Isn’t the suffer and bad looking what matters
In a days when you ask for the merits to be the precious soul:
Without an old and ugly face you can get use to bad habits.
1106 2018


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