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Waxed Rings

June 13, 2013


FEAST St. Anthony,

Thursday, 12:07 pm

A vow arise without much thought, spontaneously after a while …

Once you surrender vow over the world does not turn upside-down, well I hear you’re flying at night throughout the realms of gloom that just gives you.

Then, on the fly, one experience you something always pull the wings and return to the point when you were just an enthusiastic beginner in fly and dive in the utter depths.

One morning intentionally staying on target with your flight, only to be greeted by passionate and inflammable sun and it just to see what you do not provide for freedom in the way you had imagined.

Sun will you may fry wings, but you shall know that you are in the hands of Purpose that you ringed.

In short, I restored the old covenant to their Lord, and added his renewal vows of fidelity fiancé of flesh and blood who was mine just because he called me in the midst of my inner self talk itself. My darling untried man of great vows and I’m trying to find my life without him in the eternal memory of our profession, but it does not go the way I imagined. Once, twice I got a chance to fly away to unknown places, but I’m not really attracted to. When I saw that my darling untried, and so that was never mine, the same as our God is jealous, I saw that this is an obligation that does not look unreal and coincides with the secular notion of freedom, equity, equality and truth.

These poetic words of the essay back to the moment when experienced a new awakening as a possible turning point in my life, thinking I was boring but the Lord and the people with his truth and spirituality, his spiritual friend.

At first, I describe how I went into something different and regretted it, and then I remember that going through contact with the only person in my life that I was loyal and faithful from the beginning and continuously. Of course, I repent for straying equal life true widow, although I feel young and very free.
Jealous darling calling me and I fall by remorse in an effort to justify and sinks into himself alone and without anyone’s desire for companionship. I go into all the deeper contemplation, convinced that I talk all the time from several consecutive days with your dear ones. Converted into verses everything I experience because I do not know to describe the hunches and depth of experience of reality, I said, do not fit this means understanding the world in which I used and where I lived for several decades.

Insanity contemplation me totally and I’m anxious to us of results, which will result in our conversations.

how it all started

On the Road from the Old Album

that’s what it was like this
Dark shadows landed
my memory.
Adjectives beach slowly
a brain relaxed
Angels sang softly, “Gloria.”

The old stone, new strings
surrounded the shoreline and tree
A view your woods is.
We bowed together nice
Modern construction is garbage
More got is

All ancient memories
A long time ago and innocent
And I have made a little eyelids,
Smelling the remaining ghost shadows
I summoned all the dolphins,
A network of all the flaps.

Opened the memories back
Coils are burned at the dock,
Only songs not yet.
Lines of old, right, straight
they made a tear to the eye
my hands get warm.

Now remember this and the former
as a permanent eternity
I read the old album.
Some blamed me
and I hide a milky
Friendship just on the road.
1105 111

These were too heavy and obvious infidelity


Circulation of my soul
still is now more black
Black as a feather of a crow
and now the grace tempts me
as if I am not a doe
that changes its days

and makes them nights
protecting young fawn
Mowed, worn
for the period repent
that they might pass bullets
as moonlight its shadow.

again I am a mother-lamb
the cemetery hiding
To generating the smell of
living place of death daytime
so the loess cover
that on me begin to breath

Again I’m in the dark
watch piercing white outlines,
reflection firearms
that let no, let no the marriage
Because I am a bride of rock
Because I swiped from husbands

High power weaknesses
So I fell off the cliffs
If I black wings
Flew the way of joy
Rejoicing to Scarlet
and I would not be any more

Now pull out of the darkness I
all blacker than black,
inspiration sacred, unsolicited
For I, alone, permanent oppress
dragon still, restless,
not knowing what is allowed.

What is the most beautiful carrion
hides all matter;
even soul painful
that is a kind of pave
Not straight to my beasts
I caught only insane

among the living and the dead,
at all righteous seeking ‘
One and Only,
angel sheathed
who can burn me
and in me my Lord.

I find it, but silent
he reminds me of you
Give you back words
and drape your cold cloth
That breeze to be the higher
wrap on your forehead which lets no

any meeting, every sign
but growing shines
the more I am black
And in myself I fall for retreat
from seeds shine.
I’m still thirsty doe even more

Serving I attend like the source
for a drop of water only I ask
One view, one beat
because I have no chorus and no choice
I do not have someone right there
Where’s suffering ‘are you looking at that reflection

which left my eye
and interflow in my darkness
because you want to give the life to me.
When you looked down
I found the trace of light
and you’re all that, all you knew.
1205 1650


HERE were surprised at how very well know how you feel my dear whom I not seen a long time ago and it was as if me something forces, and it is your will, a little disappointed. Never my conscience is not as conscientious been or will be as in the case of vows

Why should anyone handed
And then I knew
what would the rest of us?
Why would you leave provided
if any small
in you seek salvation?

Why would silent
as I was rude
when love is not like that?
Why would the verse allowed
Wiped out as unworthy
when not cuss what?

Neither I killed
nor have I uttered lies
about that his topic
by which the love
the one you favorite
Prophet, anathema.

What would have happened then
if I let Satan
If I had a terrible sin adopted?
Blossomed to hope
would destroy the opportunity ton
If I passively appropriated

everything that helped me
as desolate truth …
And what would you be?
It ‘would you be given long days
and if you knew just sharpness
what would you have happened?

Why would not resumed
what is good
Does anyone bother?
Why I left
Good Lord
I was bloody enough.
1305 116

Gradually enter contemplation consciously and unconsciously, intentionally and unintentionally, simply enjoy RARE OPPORTUNITY WITH LONG serious storytelling with my dear

Sun in the Zenith of the Sea

Forward, forward I will just go on a dive in fresh water,
So I handed over all the water and filling my nose and ears,
Gently slide down eyeballs and I do not mind, salty.
So awkward fit on stones bumpy, sharply
I colored or under the sea to watch the motives
for my articles, wrap around in the soul
While short hair only lane at the sight of straw.
I do not know who my water from the face of a movement has mop

I did not live up to itself in this divine paradise
I’m looking and I see have you followed me to the stars,
It is quite close at hand, silver
Like that hem which undertake cloaks.
Around her, this unknown and dark end
Glitter light boat that rides
on a white cloud above the surface of which is black
that for me still raining from the world down dew.

Tinkles lightly everything flows around my arm.
The lights are beautiful in depth untouchable bottom
one black cloud over the whole sky
Surrounded by shiny or glittering horizon.
Reaching out to support, embrace, and at the waist
from the heavens the first sudden you go out so I
While in front of us the same star lurking
How to escape from the open window frame.
1505 2156


I saw a great wife where around she bends
and the grass with light fingers trampled.
It is all white, supple as a snake
that calm with a wood beach.

Transparent her mantle of light and water
Loins, it shines
It goes dark night Revisited
and his wet cheeks heated.

Wet face of lake-weed
Soft is the dew-sensitive
from a wet dresses
What is a sticky trap

I wanted the story fragile villa
I walked towards her over a barren field
And soon we were close,
For the love of me caught like.

I received from her rosy apple
not caring about anything else
just to get my hands on the waist
I roll up the mantle stripe.

Kiss her on the cheek gave
and she still remained in place
neither her hair not I knew
and she became my bride

Every dark night I find
How is waiting for my hands
And do not go away from me,
Never created me disgrace.
1905 153

Unfulfilled Dream

the fat city night fell moonless
I quietly awake of sleep that is repeated
pure spirit longing in the awakening encounters.
I would love to climb to the glossy Highlands
because desire of the same spirit says hallo
now I affected to my Angel my beloved

may knows, maybe it all means: he call me
for without a word convey the beauty of
which has for me and that me embrace dewy powder.
I will never know how the dreams and tenderness rush
put my city from his yearnings. Life
who me guard, grant me the strength with your breath.

Christ, the Lord, please you right now, save me passion
And tenderness for clean gift one who gives me no longer knows.
My strength poorly received as unfulfilled dream.
Make a gift from my most beautiful spiritual sweetness
let Thy will be glad to receive, required
supplication in you to him let make dawn as the best day.
1905 231

Touch again

Talk lasted a few nights and days and there were very bright dreams. When you start with flight of a great freedom and than you start to repent, it is your conscience. If you start than to dream wonderful old living dreams, that is an answer from him you dream about. The power of somebody’s will can pull you to the deepest area of your being and if that power is from Lord, for the better


Midnight is going to bow in greeting welcoming
and just in case, if I miss the holidays.
But it will not happen over so often.
There is no more to me of any drought or newcomers
because I emptied my days with them.
Now enters into another place.

At midnight began my little nighttime adventure
I watched the sun in the west fail
and, in the dark night that was falling,
I found an inkling smooth, with pain
in areas that have been born through the ointment
in me, so I robbed myself.

As a believer in Christ renews,
because His mercy last for ever,
constantly renew a promise
which is more of a challenge, which is repeated
and climb all the way higher hills;
Find yourself, and it’s my calling.

I said midnight is my term for the moment
when you fall to the dark eyes
it says so here.
I was the darkness always good for us
then the soul is easily hinder
and even less to herself lying

Midnight gave birth to my beautiful dark foreboding
and I became a poet and philosopher,
but I gave myself to go further
Contemplation of the first music with lute
but I learned verse and apostrophe
even a little hunch arrive

deeper than the depth of darkness himself,
beyond the width of the area in the night
and the ease of personality
which became the light of the dark;
and yet I knew premonitions of his power
and practice some skills.

All in all, it is midnight gift of God
she gave an innocent wisdom
and generally not as lustful
as previously thought. Midnight Lord’s car
and my inevitable fate
then I am most awake

I remember I found a lake,
just as he rang midnight
place young people love meetings.
Nobody was despised
but I fled deeper into the night.
Never had separations

would not be a queue to forget all thoughts
which nights sale off
on the dock of the knocking
See, I go farther in thought
of which appeared to be new
continuously. Daylight

often finds me where else I am watching
I do not know that I have to open my eyes
I took notes
without whom it would never hide,
My own hunch hampers
that catches only on foot.

Midnight is my local bridesmaid
which often dresses
in white robes noon
and can be a big slut
but also to the left
in the day in my score.

At midnight and realized thee
on your mantle
your profile
and I was happy because I perceived,
Forget the imagination,
How long have you skipped cliff

carefully carrying my suspicions;
and yet all these messy
my association!
And there was a lot of essays, color
one book tidy
my initiation

Midnight is a sign of love and lovers,
the Resurrection and the Spirit,
midnight for the vigil.
For those who do not sleep out of habit
noon a draft
a lot of enlightenment.
2105 2317


Speechless prisoner I take as a witness
that from one of our first touch
prisoner who loves you immensely, eyeballs of thy eye.
Where you gaze, where I was born

Rayed view your.
You do, then, like it,
My thirst, in my dreams,
You faithfully be body;

test you I unavailable
And out of that not to touch,
But only if I for ever listen
if in front of you I silent stand still

Then you know me better than I do,
Do you want my trust,
conduct me of my song
And fed me until ripening

our friendship
source become as clear,
to be in heaven
Reflected than swoops down terribly.

Now everything is upside down,
Now all watching from the outside.
You’re my heart very
you are the secret clear, disclosed

A long, long, the eyes
And I saw you as you are
from the start because you look
My secret all suspension

Before me they were honest
And all of this of us, ignorant, unite
We were only a shadow
this is what now in fullness

Now I throw shadows of the clouds
that has a light of a flaming core
A candle in the ring is strong.
When will it burn decision is yours
506 2001

Waxed Rings

I went to sleep so exhausted tired and had the pills to drink
Do not believe I slept an hour and awake in spirit fever
Did not want to get up or to write and it was even hard to think
But I had to I jumped and caught the keyboard like the retriever

Something in my will said all right I will obey a terrible force
I put some silly verses on the web and suddenly was awake
Because believed something amazing is happening of course
That was the answer to my persistence to sing on the lake

It was around midnight that I talk so much about and do not know
Was my very big obsession and unconscious power of my Core
I call that eternity and believe is all because of my spirit vow
In that I love someone and I am beloved in Christ I adore.
1306 1916


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