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Ask Jesus About the Bible

June 14, 2013

What is and what is not a sin, it is really the matter of your conscience.
You got the tips from the Holly Book and you can follow everything you want from It and everything you can follow.
If you are mostly the citizen of this world, you are from that same world and the Book is not. As much as you are in the world and not in the Holly Book, as much you can be superficial in your religion, in your faith.
For just one thing you can say much or less and you can live: lust is a sin and desire is not.
You can’t be all in the world and from the world and ask in the same time exact answer for you life from the Book. To reach the Book is a very long journey.
People ask various and very detailed questions about the Book in the same time while they do not know and do not follow the simplest tips.
You can’t enter the plane and arrive in the Book in a half an hour. The journey to the Book has to be very slow and by foot.
There are a lot of humans who need to get old to reach the Book, but that need not to be as complicated. You just have to listen for a while and not always ask and ask questions, but follow in practice every small tip. You can not discuss about big matters while you do not follow the small one, every of those small questions like the question of prayer is: if you pray Jesus every day, you can ask Him what is the Book about. But first you got to pray. The second is the same, you got to pray more.
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