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Just Say I Do

June 15, 2013




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Angel, my guardian, now give me the message transmits, to the Lord to get there
I‘m in heaven, and do not know what heaven looks like
No, I must be all in this world, it must be that
Too happy that I went into prayer
I’d rather write verses about heaven

Do not know what to do with my rhyme that is not even in my mind

Just trying to write with such a poor vocabulary

This will not be a poem I see

You are listening and I have to be good, really good

I know the Lord will have the funny moments with my bad attempts

The dew is already on my forehead in this humid night

Please, my angel, translate my message to me in a normal way

This blockade is … I go for a coffee

The dogs are so nervous and it will not be any easier

I even do not have those ugly-and-dark-soul thoughts

The summer season is on, it is a half June

Putting my clothes off and there is not much of it

The windows are finally all wide open

This is a beginning of a new singing

Decided after a week to write in English mostly

Confused if can torture the language as my own

Here is the middle of the darkness and it is a little hot

Rain will not, not even close

This is how the converting is going on always with me

Often it is heavy, much more than it seems

Sure it has to give a result

Yeah, the wedding is on today, a big wedding

I am modest and confused, but my groom loves that

I even put the amendment in the law, so clumsy

The new day will be the surprising wedding dress for me

Lord will put the nice sunny clothes on me

It will be the clothe of the paradise peace

It is always like that on Saturdays

They call me a homophobe here

It does not matter

Everybody is well come

Indeed, no one should miss, not even a star

First I was a sinner out of favor

Lord had written my past like the best journalist

Than suddenly he came, almost no one recognized him, he was tricky…

He came like a beggar with a face of a child on and he disappeared for a while

Than he came to my neighborhood and quietly worked all day long  

After a year or two he was doing a mysterious proposal to me

He never had mentioned my written past, only spoke like a prophet

Wow, the down is here and my birds are singing, they think that they have to awake me, they do not know that I am already prepared

Finally, when he showed his wealth, people started to write about him

Some books were well done, they speak about his life

He found many enemies, of course, and many girlfriends and fans

I withdrew a little and I was shy, I thought that I do not know him at all

I had to sing, to pray, to clean my room… and he jumped in the middle of my big spring-cleanup, so well dressed and I was all in mass, what a shame it could be if he did not said just a word: marry me for ever

He took my hand and led me out on the streets and walked with me like the angel with a scarecrow, I had to be a lady or die

Now, the year passed and today is the day

I will never be a lady and not even trying

He is my neighbor 

We have separated bedrooms in the same world and a Pavilion where we spend common moments often there is a crowd around us

We will meet on the lake about noon

Good morning, Jesus, my Lord

Good morning, world

2013-06-15, Saturday morning, 4:48 AM


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