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Freak from Galilee

June 16, 2013

I was mad with passion, pain me itself felt throughout the whole body, I felt that from the bottom of my column spark that fired flare and launch me into the air and it would be easier to get all the blow, I had such an idea, but my thoughts they were all, my brain was doing what to watch, I laughed to myself witty and wept in anguish because of the weight that I was sitting on the chest and choked my throat.
I tried to move, set in a position from which it would be hell itself felt down from me, but I never could guess where me more pain. The worst part was that I tried and fuss, and I was coming out of some incomprehensible shouting. I wanted to ask someone to help me, I thought, if only to say that it hurts, but will find a man who will help me and maybe give me some medicine to drink from which we will pass this pressure. It seemed like there was something in me which can be downloaded in one go as heavy armor.
People pushed me and pushed to the side, so I was scared of the pain and cruelty, and I frantically resisted and fought with people. My eyes flew at lightning speed around because I’m in every possible way sought salvation, I listened to those who stormed the crowd and pushed me, just snapped at me and said something like to get out and prone somewhere, but not because it helped me but I would not profaned God. Some are me and spat upon and laughed at me.
In my head, in which, despite the pain, the brain too quickly worked began to show pictures of the blessed death because they mentioned that comes God. I guess because I was so hard, but eventually I will die and get rid of this hell. I just did not understand why I should not speak to him do not you see how much I need the help that I end to this intolerable situation?
Suffocation could not speak, but I tried to move through the crowd, hide as much as you give, because I was afraid that I would be back push away. Indeed, they began to pull them self away from me and nudge me among them, I was flying and falling from one to the other and everything revolved around me until I came to a watering place for cattle.
There I led on a hot stone, rubbing the back of it to soften twinge in the spine. I begged people prayed to God and my tears began popping up left and right. I take the utmost that I called people for help because they did not see how I was wrong and I managed to throw myself out some screams and voices when in front of me stood still a warm and glowing, tall and slender man. He looked at me, but he told me as if I did something wrong and he told me to get out. I cried a little, happy that I can say a word application and tired of the suffering that man. But what came out of my voice that was different were the words of someone who is asked to come out like that, but I was beside himself, and I said, Lord, let me, let me go into a pack of pigs, I did not know why, nor could I control what I’m saying. I just know that I somehow managed to ask for help, or at least notify someone that I finally was horrible, I’m all in hell.
I looked helplessly Lord, asking in his eyes, at least let me know how and what to think when they can not form a normal speech, petition and a meaningful question.
Finally I die, I thought, because I felt a sudden lightness and relief, before I lost consciousness and fell to the ground, I saw a herd of wild pigs jumping and running. I thought that the last forces them either is not easy and that they need God.
406 739 Luke 8:26-39


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