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God Forgives

June 17, 2013

There are two so called opposite sides here those are gays versus Catholic Church they talk about themselves like minority and majority and the things like that.
I do not understand how we can talk like that about all of us because we are all one body. There are gay-Christians everywhere. I can add that we all are saints and sinners and we can not talk that somebody is opposite of Catholics or Jews or Muslims. We are all used also to call every war a religious war what is also very wrong in my opinion.
Also I have found the article about that God does not mind smoking pot
And the things like that.

Why people speak about religion like the Church is just one institution of state like anything else? In religion as far as I know everybody believes in God and that is the same God we have.
I understand that Church has a business in the world and has to register in the law institutions but when we speak about rights there is no the justice for believer because there is a faith which can not be regulated with state laws because Church are we all and the state rights in the whole world are something different.
If you are the sinner that does not bother Lord He forgives.
If you are the sinner that does not mean anything in front of the law
Do we really need to talk about such an obvious matter?
There is a religious habit not to judge any person, but judge the sins.
When priests and spirituals talk they say: you are doing something that God never told you to do. That is all.
2013-06-17 Monday 7:31AM


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