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The Secret

June 18, 2013

A Short Story, The Secret
Don’t want to say it, it is my secret and nobody knows it. I even didn’t say it aloud. When somebody put me a question which is close to my secret I become a liar. I always have a nice excuse. Nobody found me in a lie. I always have the innocent answer.
The people are afraid of me. You always have to hold them in the hand with their fears and lies. I always know how to discuss and have the last word.
I live like a wealthy man and all what I have I gained in a hard time and all by myself.
My family cares about my opinion. My friend left me few years ago, but his children, although they are grown, still can’t live without my advices. I gave them everything. The daughter is spoiled and I have to worry about her children because they can’t live alone by themselves.
I live alone but often friends come to me because everybody love to spend a time with me and my stories.
I am not as old and ill to go to the hospital or else and I must not go yet because somebody can stole my property.
Lately I go to church, but don’t think they speak clever.
Daughter visits me rarely and she told me to get a nurse because I can afford her. I rather save money. She wants always to speak with me about silly things and big lousy philosopher. When she is here I watch television.
I will not be so naive to tell her my secret.
2013-06-18 Tuesday 3:21AM


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