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June 19, 2013

I saw I often speak against humanitarian work have to explain better.
I believe humanitarians. Also believe that you can’t be much of real help and hope that is not right.
There is a small very small and rare difference between the humanitarian work and hypocrisy I experienced when had a hard time: didn’t want to speak about my pain I couldn’t and people saw something’s wrong but were angry imagine that. I probably didn’t look nice but nobody saw how I am in terrible condition and the doctors never ever tried to prove me anything like people around me tried and persisted on helping. What is the worse thing they thought that they are well and that they know the best that is good for me and they hurt me with that attitude very much because I saw that I am cleverer in my suffer than those who think how to help me. Cry because of yourself and not about me and leave me alone.


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