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From Sin to Forgiveness

June 22, 2013

I have a wish to clean all around me it is nice to wake up in the clean place where there are nice furniture and relations. There where I can contemplate and talk nice with people so here is the verse, God is blessing me

Psam 121:7-8
The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

My contemplations are goings out of me after exploring my deepness,
I understand this in my context and that is I may proceed if I want to clean a little my soul to be soulful and then to say it aloud and feel better. The other line says that the Lord protect me now and forevermore which I explain that people are contemplating in eternity like they are doing now because when you look the Lord face to face, you see His infinity and immensity and the contemplation never stops like the saying glory to the Lord that never stops in heavens.

There is a result of my sweet efforts I had forgiven the enemy and had a talk with some neighbors which is carrying me to the forgiveness, I have almost forgive but have to do a lot of talking and that is not always nice talk but I am watching my language as much as I can. I have to be honest but not rude although people get hurt. That is not because I hurt them but because they were asking me something that is not my business. Some think that they have to tell me what I must not and what I have to do but it is not what Jesus is telling me and I have to say that these people have to mind their own business in a nice way not rude.
If somebody thinks that he has to give you advice it must be in freedom, I can listen but I need not to listen if I do not want. Then some get angry and that is the evidence that he got a problem in himself which is not my business. I would like to proceed to talk with that people so I could explain exactly what I see that is bothering and that would be a nice talk and it would have results I am sure of it. But I can not force people to talk with me they often run away or change the subject and than discussion became long and without big result so I have to talk with some more and more when they will want to ask me or tell me something in the future.
It is very nice when you forgive something that you were trying to forgive for years without big results. How did it happen? The most important is that Lord stood by me in my digging of my soul and that is so certain like death I believe it strongly. Next is that I did not think about forgiveness at all but get the foreboding and inspiration to talk about some of my sins and crosses and why that I do not know, that is from the Holly Spirit, that is my little faith I see. So how to forgive something very bad somebody who hurt you bad? Do not try to say I forgive, do not try to forgive without talk and contemplation in faith and that means you have to confess before all, that is always the first condition for having a good contemplation that lead into a good results.
If you get angry it is good but when you see the anger you do not hurt yourself and others but think, think strongly how, what and where is the source of that anger in my soul and body, in my intentions, do I think right and do I talk it is very important to say what are your feelings, you have to know what is exactly that what you feel and that is the cause of your anger, here lies the solution and if you think properly and if you are honest and if you are right but modest there comes forgiveness, suddenly and like a big relief of your soul and that is a success in Lord.
2013-06-22 Saturday 9:15 AM


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