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Caught in a Flight

June 23, 2013

Chapter 1
Isaiah 40:30-31
30 Even youths grow tired and weary,
and young men stumble and fall;
31 but Those who hope in the LORD
Their strength will renew.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.
The verse of the day had in context something that found me in this moment
Isaiah 40:29
He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.

Well, it is not exactly the verse of the day, but I want to contemplate
“He inceases the power of the weak” because I spent all afternoon and night in the long talks but in the morning was very happy to find less earthly themes to think about maybe which means that talks were good and I am really tired, slept like a baby awake and happy, but now I am really tired. They expect the rain and a little lower temperature of the air. Went shower it is much better now, the tiredness comes to me because of the medicine and I do not have a very good blood pressure, it is low.
They told me to watch my spelling and grammar but I am much better now and I do work on it, the work is in progress.
Loneliness is my life and I feel good alone and now I am finally alone after the whole day and night And I drink the water of life like I said in the early morning poem in my language. Great is Thy glory, Jesus.
Sunday 06/23/2013 12:07 PM
How the Lord give me the strength I did not feel any sign of guiltiness in the morning and these two conversations were heavy for me but I tried not to make a mistake. It is necessary for the Lord to give me his water of life and I hear Him in the silent of distances. In the very moment that when I woke up, He spoke to me about renewing my strength.
I’ve read the verse of the day and I agree with such a choice of verses. It suits me well again.
Sunday 06/23/2013 24:15 PM
Chapter 2
Why did I need a strength I think I know is that when the sin is approaching to you and do not leave you alone but it goes straight to you very persistently and with a purpose to attack exactly you. How to escape it and not enter into another son because you have to be polite but hurt?
I survived pretty well but the next day Which is now I understand what was happening to my soul, it was obviously very difficult to stay in a society and not ran home This morning I was really soul full and exhausted It is a big deal for me because I know how to talk when somebody is speaking polite but when people start to speak openly about the son, son particular, it is much Easier to say that you are busy and run away than stay and try not to be critical with that people and not to enter the son in the same time It is certain that I was Involved, that I put myself in a position to act an object and my words were something probably what the people were try to explain and understand in the darkness of Their Minds that were in sins But what is the worst is that I spent a lot of ours in Such talk, trying to understand something what I do not want to understand and explore and I could find the words to explain and show my feelings to be short I think my soul was really tortured and I did not notice that till now when the whole day passed, I wrote some poems, the Lord really gave me the strength and now I am thinking how it is very hard if you a female spiritual

Chapter 3
Resurrection on the Cross

To be a prophet to mean not only speaking to the people what would be if and when …
To be a prophet from the Old Testament is something huge You have authority, but life is cruel with you mostly. You do not own anything, but you got a house, a wife or even some kind of temple. You have a blanket or nothing on, but you wear a king’s clothes. All depends of circumstances. Mostly you speak about Messiah who lives eternal life is but a flesh and often people are afraid of your speech because they believe everything you say but I do not understand what and who are you talking about. Everybody in the history of the world knows your words. You are so close to God that people think that you are God in some way mysterious and many priests have to explain you prophecies
For me Jesus is a Prophet in the moment when I pray and He is very merciful, but you can never ask the question like this: Who is Jesus Christ for you, it is obvious that He is my Savior because He is saving all people and for me personally He can not be described and defined so I can only tell who am I in front of Jesus I am His people
Today I heard that we can try to answer a little more specific question which is: Jesus is for me the One who is glorified and who has risen or is He for me the One on the cross who suffers
I can tell that I have drown Jesus on the cross with hands that are up and head that is down and you do not see in that drawing His face but He looks to me like He is often caught in the flight like you catch with a camera the eagle You feel like you are than that bird, you are happy because you have a great picture on the wall That is Jesus for me when I ask him something and when I contemplate I had to hurt him a little, I had to bother him for a while so I could at last see just for a moment His infinity and eternity and, of course, so I could look at Him whenever I want I look at Him very often and I try to put His words here because He is a Prophet who speaks only for me
Sunday 06/23/2013 20:56 PM


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