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Follow Jesus to be Mature

June 24, 2013

Follow Jesus to be Mature

2 Thessalonians 3
2 “And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil people, for not everyone has faith, 3 but the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”

I pray for you Jesus tell me who are you for me. Do I carry my cross?
Do I take others crosses sometimes not to carry my? Are these useful contemplations allowed or I should read more and go in the Temple to pray with others. I feel I have to speak about you and that is my light load you gave me, it is sweet cross for me. What does it mean to take the cross and follow you, leave all behind you? I understand that the cross that I have to take with me is my soul with my sins it must be the cross which is heavy. Do I have to dig further searching my soul in pray and in the light of fate, May I do that? I prayed yesterday for sinners that I saw. You are faithful only; we all are of little faith. I understood that there is the best way and that is leave all behind you and follow me. You are saying that even we of little faith may follow only you, we all may be the priests of you. It would be very nice to have more priests, much more. I beg you to let the people to go in the churches and to become your followers like priest, every body can be a priest. People think that it is a hard way for one who is sinful but we all are and we pray for our brother’s faith; people should know how that is the best way of living to take your burden which is Your sacrifice and resurrection. I want to speak, to contemplate and to write, but you give me only my introspection in front of my nose (I have learned now how to use the suggestions of Spelling and Grammar, thank You, Lord). I remember in Holly Spirit how it was with my relations when I was young. Only you made me a woman, nobody else. What I see is there are many mature people who cannot say that they are a real man or woman but people who are your followers really know how to be sexually mature. That is very important in life, people know the sexuality is important but do not know much abut spiritual sexuality. It is important to know how the Lord is faithful, how secure is with him and in the Holly Spirit to love somebody and know someone loves you in Lord. Then you are stronger in relation, you do not turn into the lust because love who is Jesus rules and your relation becomes real and fulfilled happiness.
2013-06-24 Monday 8:38 AM


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