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Wreathing of the Weirdos

June 24, 2013

I forever want, forever search for my darling buds of the late age.
In the shelter is my heart, never be found except is found from you.
We, forever friends of the sunny loving, with our sweet engage.
We shall be together forever in the holly relationship. I will say I do.

Sparrows will forever sing, blackbirds have to follow the crows.
Ravens are those that will watch over the escort with the birds.
Jays will be the first that will pronounce rising of all new dawns.
Magpies need to be here to teach us wreathing of the weirdos.

Pigeons will delve in the flight from the roof over my panes.
Doves will get the olive branches to put them all on the balcony.
Every citizen of this valley will come into my shelter of the cane.
I will sing my everlasting song of life, my freedom, my dear falcony.
2013-06-24 Monday 18:25 PM


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