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A Howler

June 25, 2013

A Howler
or what are the criteria to be Christian?
Gospel of Luke, chapter 18, verse 35next
while Jesus approached Jericho, sitting by the roadside begging, and a blind man. When he went by the people, and said, ‘Who is this?’ They told him that Jesus of Nazareth was passing. He said, ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’
They are going forward to stop him, saying that silent, but he cried out, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!’
Jesus stopped and gave orders to bring him. When approached him, asked him, ‘what do you want me to do?’
‘Sir – Answers – I want to see!’
“Receive your sight – Jesus said to him – your faith has saved you.’
Immediately he received his sight and followed him, glorifying God. All the people, when they saw it, gave praise to God.

The people followed Jesus, thirsty blind. They did not expect so many signs and wonders than the clarifications and explanations and all kinds of lectures and lessons to come closer to God and to believe and what is the true religion, because Jesus was accompanied by praising the crowd that was admired and praised Him.
The Lord Jesus had very ignorant people to show and gradually clarify the first steps in faith and religiosity. People were mostly curious. They were determined to believe that the Messiah had visited his people as real God. No one knew how it had to happen. There were few who decided immediately to kneel before Jesus. In the first place they were chosen apostles, and some who knew the life, people and – God, the Lord; the blind, for example, knew the Scriptures and the prophets because until it came to a religious tradition.
When the blind man heard that some human stampede going on, and he did not know, had no idea who was in the crowd, they said that the end of it passes the Son of God, the Prophet of God, the Messiah whom they expected.

Then, when people already knew about it, how they did not actually started to worship Him? Why is an ordinary man among them seemed so “rude” and “intrusive” and, in the opinion of the people, in a way unworthy to be called Messiah and hinder Him?
“They are going forward to stop him, saying to shut up.”
Why they were the first stop the blind beggar who was calling God?
Why a believer had to remain silent in the crowd that walked free for Jesus? What are the criteria to be followers of Jesus? What rules, laws and traditional customs were untouchable, by which Jesus, the Lord was available to those who are most crowded in front of him, and was not available to him who is behind? Why is that they are the first to know Jesus and what was that what did not know the blind beggar? By which they are able to follow the Lord and tell stories about him in the third person because they said to one another, “goes the Messiah” or “Christ is among us,” as if gossip and tell of him, and the Lord walking among them, but to him that no one addressed immediately.
Tell Him the voice of a blind man who was shushing people.
And, of course, the last of his strength, residual blind man cried out, not knowing where to turn to make it better hear God, God lives in the same crowd and the same place in which he found himself blind. Even more blind shouted. “Jesus, Son of David, mercy on me.” He is not asked Jesus to fulfilled the desire but probably thought that he had come the hour of death and cried have mercy, the words are the first and last words of the majority of the faithful in their religious life: mercy.
The blind man said something else, addressed the Lord title. Jesus, it is safe to immediately heard, but perhaps did not consider it to come and look. Suppose that was because Jesus saw the faith of the howler, but He said that “came not healthy but the sick”. Jesus knew the man who had already spoken and shouted to the Son of David as the Son of beloved king. The blind man had declared himself like a believer in front of Jesus whom the Lord has set seed and Abraham, the descendants of the children of God.
The blind said aloud in front of people exactly what they were whispering.
When he was constantly calling, the blind was very loud, maybe the Lord said to himself: What will this now, when there are so many others that I needed more. He had to order the people directly and literally a welcome addition the howler bring before Him. The Lord asked him what he wanted, and then actually saw the blind because they are so blind to the glory of Jesus appears in front of those other people. Therefore the blind man said the first thing that occurred to him, that he wanted to see through, really wants to see God before him, deal with it because it is the only true believers desire to see God.
Immediately when the blind man thought that there might be a desire before the Lord, but the Lord had forestalled his faithful and just had confirmed that well all that the blind believer believed. This certificate was the word, “Receive your sight,” and it was an unprecedented meeting for a blind man received the highest fulfillment of their search and quenching his excessive thirst, was justified before God himself and that after him all his life belittled and made it smarter than him, and shushing him.

The people did not see it.
The people, like so many sheep beloved and unconscious nearness of God and love for them, they began to praise Jesus in every mouth because they saw very material miracle. In the meanwhile, blind moved to praises God, as Luke wrote, following Him with the people.
People of Lord saw miracles, they were saying to the blinds that Jesus is Messiah but did not really saw and recognized Jesus, many did not worship.
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