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People’s Prayer

June 28, 2013

People’s Prayer
You are my golden cross and fiery burning in it self and by itself, the fire of your love. Cross is Love.

The man should be alone and facing yourself, wear love that man is a cross, but that can be cross body and wood Satan, and did not you than your burden is light and easy, Your burden is love, and the body is not worth anything and things not worth anything. When you were on the cross, what left over were not you but matter. Satan is material and heavy, small sins do not matter, bodily sins than spiritual works of Thy love, the love of your firearm empty cross. The man has in himself and accept myself for you burn that never burns out. When wearing a man so cross, your love of it spills galore as the fire of love, tears burdened the people your way, but to Satan. That is a tear that was a great gift to me it is the only redemption and convergence, is the existence of Thebes.
When a man loves and is mad for another man, to have two hearts in one, and it is Satan. Man can not only love one person, and that does not love all people in the spirit, that is, the man is the whole people, each individual must be I then, your people, to communicate You take care, communication is the love and abundance that intend to tear from within one of the people. I am one guy who wants to be you, the people to whom thou art cross, fiery and sweet of love is the only such Yours and only way, for now I saw. Suffering that man has caused the devil, and it is excessively binding to one person, when a man gets too much for one person, proving that you do not like the whole nation yours and that is not at all in love. From this man born children of these lies is born in sin and immorality because it does not think the child at the same time made fornication when one thinks about the possibility that I can make myself a fruit, baby, you can not commit to, then You can only allow whether and how to give birth to children. Children are children of sin, the fruits of lust.
When they stop to emerge and people all loving you, come to the paradise of the Spirit of your love, and then maybe more you or not to beget more of any of the new man, no child, it would be just your will, and not the human will and lust.
The body is not worth anything, just your resurrection, your love of our Father in heaven it is the Holy Spirit, the love. You are the only love, fraught with fire cross, who see only a cross with no body on it, that you love more, more like the one that you want to be a nation. I am your people burn inward where you wait for me, marriage is between people actually Satan work. Only the best is good and eat Thy fiery Spirit in Your dedicated Word and the Spirit of love. When we believe in the sacrifice of the altar and eat.
Must your man in the nation to be completely cold and cool and hot just for you.
People are cross each other, no matter how good to each other.
People are each other load. Be with you in spirit, so stay where you find yourself in the matter and do not ask people. Respond to what people are asking you if you see that look sin, matter or require you to leave such a man. Respond to him as you see and how you see as some love God whom you love.
Teach me that only you think.
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