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Frozen Croatia

June 30, 2013

Frozen Croatia
I feel it you bet I feel it. I know very well and am aware enough, know she is approaching in the history and across the borders. I know that I am not losing my property, but rare are those who know that.
Follow me, Jesus is telling me in this very moment, He came near me so close to warn me that I am His and His only. If it would not be, I would never welcome her. Probably I would be on the market, striking against fiscal policy or I would maybe be drunk of memories. MEMORIES ARE THE VICTIMS that never are silent in my heart, they are whispering so strongly „ WE GAVE OUR LIVES FOR YOU, OUR ONLY DARLING.“ They expect me to do the right thing. What would they do in this occasion? Many of them would work, but many would strike against me and her approaching.

I remember the days when I became independent. That was the feeling. It seems to me like only lasted an hour or two, but I also remember that many open opportunities and possibilities which never get through. I did not know where to start, for the first time in my life I was free and I am not a young girl, I was everywhere. At last came FREEDOM.

Now, some told me that I will have a new property, nice dresses, apartment for dinners with friends, sights of the world…that I will get freedom like I do not have one originally. Nobody promised me sacrificing. Is not it weird? She was like my older sister to me, she made me often a sort of a trade- offer. Now here is she again with her new ideas. I am so skeptical, Jesus, let me get rid of her for a while, but not mine than Thy will be done.
This I wrote on Sunday on the last day of June 2013-06-30 14:25 afternoon. In ten hours here will come some people from abroad to brake the ice around me. I have prepared them a big birthday party, that will not be a surprise-party because they told me how to make it.
If it is about surprises, there will be some, that is clear like Amen.


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