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Welcome Europe

July 2, 2013

Welcome Europe
I would like to say something, but got nothing to tell.
What are you, people, know about me, even after all.
Tell you how I feel, at last that thing is done the thinking about politics is over for now. I do not feel responsibility because I only must listen and follow the rules. It is simple. Of course, something is missing like when you have to sacrifice some things because you have priorities. I am not sure what exactly is that I miss. On the other side there are things completely new, this is the first time I am European citizen. I can say that and people know where am I in the world.
The history of my life is telling me always was like that with me. I think that is not because this is one small country but because it is in such position.
I am not interested in News too much because I often think that they are not real, rather feel in myself and believe in me. What my heart is telling me now is the fact that Europe get something very nice but she did not open the whole package yet.
They told us welcome. Therefore, welcome to you too, Europe.
2013-07-02 Tuesday 22:07


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  1. And welcome from the professor!

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