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Christ and Delusions

July 6, 2013

Christ and Delusions
What I really want to say now is too simple.
I believe everything what I have read about psychosis. I believe in science, in medicine, but they do not believe in me, psycho who does not want to hurt, but help the others, medicals and patients.
I am a typical psycho who is passive and do not want to hurt environment on purpose, but suffer for himself.
I have found in theology many logical explanations and I tested many of them in my experience that is not small. I believe there are many of us in the world and that world does not want to understand us, I do not know the reason.
The science says that is not explored, but experience exist. I cannot wait the science, I am in the old age and I want to meet Christ as clear as possible. Therefore, I do not want to wait two hundred years for science to explore what is obvious.
What is happening to the passive psycho?
He meets the Lord. It is in the age when he does not need to be responsible for acts of his fathers, but is emotional adult and independent. If the Lord, Christ has chosen him, he will start the repent. It is heavy and it hurts.
Here is the word for science: not every mother loves her child, neither the father. That is the truth and it is opposite of our opinion. There are kids that feel and know that parents love them. There are kids whom want only God and nobody else. Those kids have Christ in themselves.
They are not in sin. If the kids and people are in sin, they are not from God. I mean a big sin.
The other thing is repenting. That repenting experiences only the kid of God.
That is a passive psycho and that means is a psycho who is not a maniac and who very rarely kill or hurt himself or others.
The problem is that patient is in such environmental and surroundings (very urban) that he does not believe himself as the normal people do because he suffers a lot of pain and who knows what else. He need to adjust the majority so much that he does not even think how his experience everybody have, but do not speak about it because science has no other word and calls it a “delusion”.
It is unbelievable that two or three hundreds years science did not discovered what is happening to the psycho. The patient is so passive that he cannot believe that he is right and doctors do not know exactly what is happening. That is because the medicine and social sciences do not work together, not to mention the humanistic science.
What is wrong with the world?
Scientific and in the faith, it is so real that you have no concentration if you are in pain. Therefore, you cannot think, but your brain is so occupied with so much information that are the gifts of Holly Spirit that you want to save these information and you write notes, but the pain is so strong that you have no time for taking notes. Well, doctors give you the medicine, but every patient remembers what was happening. Nobody can forget that, but often the patients are afraid or too lazy to discover what was that. How the medicine can know that if it does not respect the patient?


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