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Jesus’ Spirit and Human’s Feelings

July 7, 2013

Jesus’ Spirit and Human’s Feelings
I remember one of my soul-experience, it was deep.
I was scare in my soul of something very bad is happening and said to my family it will be the earthquake. I said it very calm, but my soul-life was in such excitement and deep painful feeling that everybody believed what I had said. They believed to my feelings and they started to feel the same. Our minds did not really believe that it will be the earthquake. We went out for a moment and than started to think, everybody came back and calm down.
It was about eight years ago.
Today I watched a television when I saw how the person in the show has very strong feelings, she was describing how she was hurt. In my mind I somehow thought that must be a reason why I feel hurt also while watching and after. I create even a thought that our feelings must be in some relation like we know each other and like the same person hurt us.
Than I asked Jesus to forgive me, and that person I ask the same, in my spirit. The bad feeling stopped.
The conclusion is that feelings are very strong and powerful, but I know that mind is more powerful and that the spirit that is in Holly Spirit is the most powerful.
Imagine and remember when there are many people together in one place and they had such feeling connection without a clever thought or without the involving of spirit. What you get than? I suppose you have a mass hysteria here. I do not believe in mass opinion and mass hysteria.
Even when people are gathering in the name of the Lord I became suspicious because I sometimes see that people are not present with spirit and the meeting with Jesus is in His Spirit that may be accompanied by feelings, but it does not need to be so at all. If you meet Jesus, you can forget about strong feelings or you may control the feelings to be present with mind and in spirit the most. That is how you learn to get closer to God. That I believe because many people tell that they love Jesus, but how come the same people do not love more than one or two people in the earth? When you love Jesus, you love all people, it cannot be anything else. Therefore, you control the feelings that are less important and you know better how to be merciful because that is the matter of spirit and of God.
The conclusion is when you see too much feelings before Christ, you must ask yourself do people know the difference between Holy Spirit and their emotions. When you have only some feelings and emotions, that is not love in spiritual sense, that is only human on the earth that is not in the kingdom of heaven. That does not mean that such person do not believe in God, but I think we are of little faith.
There is an error to say that we love Jesus only because we have great feeling about Him. Jesus is God and God is Love and Love is Spirit, Holly Spirit of Father and Son.
The prove for these thoughts I find in the fact that people who say that they love Jesus, for real in life have enemies, they even learn how to hate some other people and there are many of us who never can forgive something. That all is not love. It is easier to say that you have a hope and faith and that you know your faith is weak. When I say to Jesus that I am weak and need help, He gives me the power and peace.
Therefore, it is not enough to feel. You have to learn about Jesus and read His words. You have to contemplate. You have to practice your mercy towards everybody and you have to watch not to be a hypocritical.
I mean, you are not only merciful when you give the money to the pore, but when you know how to talk to some particular person about Christ. 2013-07-07 Sunday 22:56


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