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Arts and Marriage

July 14, 2013

“Why the spiritual forbid people to watch the paintings of naked acts in a museum when we know that Adam and Eve were naked in paradise?”
That is the Satan’s question. We can say that art is beautiful, but it is not above God. Those who ask such question do not want to discuss art or do not respect the others it is only an attack and anger.
Is not that a big matter of sin?
If Adam and Eve would not look at their bodies in sin (and that was after they eat from the tree of knowledge of good and bad), they would not know that it can be something wrong in their bodies. We would still be in paradise.
It is just about how you look on the naked body. The naked body is not good or bad. I would ask those people why do not they walk naked all the time, may be somebody would hurt them in lust.
The next question I heard was about marriage of priests.
“How can a Catholic priest know how it is when you are married and how can he give you advise what to do with your partner?”
That is only the question of love. If you do not love your partner, you failed in marriage and the best partner who loves you the most is of course the Lord. The Catholic priest knows much about the marriage.
The third question is mine.
How could somebody, who dedicated his life to Jesus, betray the Lord and get marry?


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