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July 21, 2013

I do not believe beggars any more, I ever must not politely ask anything. That is the language of money. That is a completely new world I discover. Nobody can believe me that, even I do not believe because that needed not happened in my age. Anyhow, it happened, I have failed to poverty, I lost everything I had, the money, the food, the house, clothes, documents, even do not have tobacco or glass of water; I lost my rights, I lost my part time job, I failed like the criminal who played against every law.
It is hard to me now to look and manage that money-world.
If I get up, I will have to ask the money for everything I give.
If I get up, I will have to ask equality from my partners.
If I get up, I will have to worship money.
That all I do not want and do not know to do. It is easier to starve or say that I do not have anything to give because I need all I have to stay alive and normal. May be I will do that. May be I will get up. May be I will become normal. 2013-07-21 Sunday 13:15

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