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There is Only One Good Thing in Human

July 30, 2013

There is Only One Good Thing in Human
If we are not good, only Father on heavens is good, how can we do good deeds? We do not know what is good we only have to have an honest intention to glorify God. Nothing else helps. We cannot say that we know what is good and make a good thing without faith and praying Jesus who really makes good things through us.
If it is not so, we are the hypocrites or becoming atheists. Some say that you cannot speak about God anything positive, but you can only say what God is not. They say so because God is too big and is not reachable to man. I cannot believe such nonsense. All about man is connection with God and speaking with the Lord, never mind He is so big, He also is the smallest thing in the world, He is everything, He can be anybody.
Therefore, we have to be very careful not to be liars, we cannot repent because we are not good, we can only confess the sins and the rest of us is Holly Spirit who lead us in our faith and still we are not good. Do not say yourself that you made a good thing all alone if you do not thank God for that.
How can we say that something is good? We cannot if we do not see in faith that we are doing what we are call to do from the Lord. Therefore, we cannot judge anything, even the killer or politicians. We have to judge a sin and we have to criticize social structures, institutions, ideas, ideologies; we cannot say that somebody is like this or like that, that he is bad, we only can say that his work or deed may be hurt somebody if we see so.
The only good thing about man is that Jesus loves him so He is dying for him on the cross.
2013-07-30 Tuesday 11:19

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