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Stop Talking and Go to Work

August 3, 2013

Stop Talking and Go to Work
James 1:22
Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. James 1:22 NIV
I am doing almost the best I can. James 1:22 NIV
I agreed to go on the cross and Jesus gave me happiness.
I am almost constantly prepared to react when I see that I have to go on the mountain of Golgotha. Sometimes I forget that and than I jump and try to put all the things in order in case that I would go up there.
Sometimes, much often, I see I am already on that mountain.
People say they will think about the word of Jesus when they get old or when they do this or that the first. No, the first is to agree to go up right now. Can you do that in your mind? Can you leave your child, your job, your partner and everything and do what Jesus says, follow Him?
If you read the Bible it means that Jesus is calling you, that He is knocking on the door of your heart. Open it, open your unconscious mind and be aware that there is no future any more like you thought because Golgotha is the future. In one place Jesus says that you will get the life if you lose it. If you are following Him, you already know that.
That is my experience I am prepared to die for the Christ’s thing and when I surrender to the Jesus’ word He gives life, real wonderful life. If I feel that I am restless and that something went wrong it is the time to go to confess the sins. After that I have my life back. I have my peace and happiness and I have an inspiration to glorify God and to speak for Him to the people. I have nothing better to do. Just have to do what He is saying and I get everything I cannot even imagine.
If I would have to do the impossible thing or to die hard, I will still be scared, but Apostles were singing when they went to die for Jesus. I believe that Jesus would make me feel right whatever I would have to do.
Often it is much simpler to follow Jesus and to do what He says. You just do not lie. Try not to lie and you will convert and you will get the brand new life, the life with Jesus on the cross.
2013-08-03 Saturday 5:01

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